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pregnant woman and her blood type


woman’s blood type and Rh factor can impact her pregnancy. That’s why every pregnant woman will have an Rh factor test. In some cases, the father of the baby will be tested too. Here’s what you need to know about blood types and Rh factor. The four major blood types are: A B AB O Which classification you are is …

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magical “fat-burning” foods to lose weight


When it comes to weight loss, some choose to eschew sensible and reasonable advice, like cutting back on sugary beverages and refined starches, increasing your intake of nonstarchy vegetables, and being mindful of added oil quantities. Instead, they turn to quasi-magical “fat-burning” foods. One year it’s acai berries, another it’s apple cider vinegar. In “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” author …

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Wormwood herb benefits as a remedy


Name: Wormwood Biological Name: Artemisia absinthum Other Names: Wormwood, absinthium, green ginger, absinthe, old woman, southernwood Parts Used: Leaves or flowering tops Active Compounds: bullet Volatile oil with a high level of thujone bullet Sesquiterpene bitter principles: including absinthine, anab. sinthine, artabsine and matricine bullet Volatile oil, of variable compostition, usually containing a- and b-thujone as the major component, up …

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Name: AcanthopanaxBiological Name: Acanthopanacis gracilistyliradicis AraliaceaeOther Names: acanthopanax, wu jia piParts Used: Root barkRemedies For: Antirheumatic, diuretic, circulatory stimulant This herb is closely related to Siberian ginseng and is believed to be very useful for the circulation of blood and qi. It also relieves fluid stagnation. Thus, it is useful for the elderly and for underdeveloped or slow-to-develop children. It …

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The bright blue, star-shaped flowers (which bloom most of the summer) make borage one of the prettiest herb plants, thought the dark green leaves are rather plain. The flavor of the leaves resembles that of cucumber. The plant will grow to a height of about 18 inches, and spread about 12 inches. This hardy annual has a messy, straggling habit. …

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The Incredible Health Benefits of Beans


The Incredible Health Benefits of BeansBeans beans, the healthiest fruit! Beans were long thought to merely be a bunch of awful, weight-inducing carbs, but new research is showing that not only is this untrue, but that beans are actually a very nutritious food! Here we’ll talk about everything beans can do for your body!Beans are an often-overlooked source of incredible …

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Benefits Of Lettuce


Benefits Of LettuceLettuce is one of the most delicate salad plants in this world, which is grown as a leafy vegetable. The vegetable is usually consumed as cold and raw, in salads, hamburgers, tacos and a number of other dishes. There are basically six different types of lettuce, namely Butterhead (Boston or Bibb), Chinese lettuce, Crisphead (Iceberg), Looseleaf, Romaine (Cos) …

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Garden cress


 Garden cress [commonly known as aliv in Marathi or halim in Hindi] is a green, cool-season perennial plant used as a leafy vegetable, typically used as a garnish. Undisturbed, the plant can grow to a height of two feet with minimal maintenance. When mature, garden cress produces white or light-pink flowers, and small seed pods. It has long leaves at …

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Benefits of soy


Benefits of soyThere is no denying that soy has many health benefits. These health benefits are mainly coming form the quality of the soy proteins and form the isoflavones genistein and daidzein. Below you can find the main health benefits of soy. Soy improves bone healthSoy products, such as soy milk, do not contain a lot of calcium but the …

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Benefits Of Dates


Benefits Of DatesDate is the name of the fruit of the Date Palm, which is believed to have originated somewhere in the desert oases of northern Africa and, perhaps, southwest Asia. The people of the Middle East have consumed dates, as a part of their staple diet, since centuries, mainly owing to its high nutritional value. Apart from being rich …

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Aloe Vera – The Healing Plant

Aloe vera9476

Aloe Vera – The Healing Plant Aloe Vera is a plant of many surprises and wonders. Whether you use it as vital ingredient in beauty products or it is consumed as dietary supplement. Aloe Vera is a hot fertile region plant, but now it is cultivated in most part of the world. Aloe is a member of the lily family …

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