Can You Overcome Depression?By: Sandy Baker There are many things that happen within the body when depression occurs. It is not only a feeling, but a disease that is often caused by an imbalance of chemicals within the brain. Is it avoidable? Is there a way to cure depression? It is important to understand that depression is not caused by …

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Symptoms of Depression


Symptoms of DepressionNot everyone who is depressed, experiences every symptom. Although it is often termed as ‘MENTAL ILLNESS’, clinical depression often has as many physical symptoms as mental. If these have been experienced for more than two weeks it is essential to seek help. Some common symptom and sign of depression include:Severity of Depression symptoms varies with individuals and also …

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Herbal Remedy for curing Depression


Herbal Remedy for curing Depression – Herbs for depressionFor some people herbal remedies are useful in relieving the symptoms of depression. Many depression sufferers are able to significantly reduce or eliminate their depression symptoms through herbal and more cost effective means. Herbal and natural remedies offer more options for physiological treatment of depression symptoms. There is a common perception that …

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What are the Causes of Depression


What are the Causes of Depression – factors play a role in depression ?Like any disease, there is not a single cause for a depression. Depression is a combination of biological, genetic and psychological factors. At the biological level , depression results from abnormal levels of certain neurotransmitters in the brain. This can be caused by changing levels of hormones, …

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Natural Treatment for Depression


Natural Treatment for Depression Antidepressant medication, psychotherapy, or combinations of the two represent the most common treatment for depressive illness. However, a variety of natural treatment of depression also can be used to help alleviate depression. These include: Exercise or Yoga – One exercise and depression study showed that the improvement in mood begins just ten minutes after you start …

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Alternative Treatment for Depression


Alternative Treatment for DepressionA health treatment that is not classified as standard western medical practice is referred to as “alternative” or “complementary.” Alternative treatment for depression refers to health-care practices considered outside the scope of conventional Western medicine. Many are being integrated into traditional-medicine settings as their safety, effectiveness, and scientific validity are recognized. Alternative treatments for depression rely on …

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Diagnosing Disorder Depression


Diagnosing DisorderDepression is under diagnosed and under treated. There are several factors at work here. One is the failure of many general practitioners to recognize depression in a patient. Another factor is the lack of understanding most people have about the symptoms of the illness, which prevents them from seeing depression symptoms for what they are. Also, the general inertia …

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depression in elderly


Depression and Older Adults: What It Is and How To Get HelpSadness is a universal emotion that no one is immune from, everyone in the world feels sad in some way or another on a daily basis for various reasons. The state of feeling sad is called depression and usually refers to a condition of feeling sad very often, for …

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Woman and Depression


Woman and Depression Statistics suggest that women are more likely to suffer from a depressive illness than men. Two out of three patients in hospitals with such disorders are women, and most of them are married. The propotions are the same among those seen by doctors but not admitted to hospital. These are suggestions that women born since the mid …

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depression in child


depression in childDepression is one of the most common psychological/psychiatric disorders. It affects a person’s overall energy, mood, expressions of emotion and behavior. I t was generally thought that children could not become depressed. Now researchers recognize that children, like everyone else, are not immune from this insidious and dangerous disease. Because children often do not have the capacity to …

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Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy


Psychotherapy or Talk Therapy Psychotherapy or talk therapy offers people the opportunity to identify the factors that contribute to their depression and to deal effectively with the psychological, behavioral, interpersonal and situational causes. “Talking” therapies help patients gain insight into and resolve their problems through verbal exchange with the therapist, sometimes combined with “homework” assignments between sessions. It involves verbal …

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