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Acupuncture and cupping allocated 46 patients with back muscle fasciitis

Fasciitis is a chronic pain disorder, the main strain of the muscle fascia, the inflammatory damage and adhesion formation fascia pain, neck and shoulder back pain is caused by a common disease. The author from January 2007 -2009 10 years Application call on 46 cases of acupuncture combined with cupping back muscles fasciitis patients get better effect, are as follows.
1 Clinical data
1.1 General Information The group of 46 cases of fasciitis of back muscles are in line with the diagnostic criteria. 35 males and 11 females, aged 29-56 years, mean age 40 + -5.8: 15d-1 of course, due to invasion of wind cold feelings incidence of 6 cases, 38 cases of fatigue injury of disease, induced by the cold in 2 cases, 43 cases of unilateral disease, bilateral in 3 cases, the medial scapular border to reach the limitations of induration crest in 35 cases, latissimus dorsi muscle and the prism can be reach the limitations of induration in 11 cases.
1.2 treatment generally selected tenderness or pain, nodules and cord-like sense of detachment points as positive points. Also selected doctor fascia tendon under the strain of the myogenic mechanism and the start and end points with the muscle to support the measure hidden points point. skin routine disinfection, sterile shop towels, gloves, use local anesthesia of 1% lidocaine to do sentinel. with a thick needle into the needle at 16, at the piercing point Picchu nonintact to pine needles into the skin tendons within then dial into the fascia and then rampage acupuncture needle of ward fascia. At this point patients often have a strong tingling pain, swelling and flu (Chinese medicine called qi is the best too. were round wide range the release, under a pine needle movement after the needle. needle cupping after the match, taking the lesions of congestion, after band-aid patching eye of a needle, needle within 3 days of not cleaning the bathroom.
1.3 The efficacy of standard treatment outcomes: cured: back pain, so easily, no recurrence within six months, improvement: reduce back pain, slight discomfort activities, ineffective: no improvement of symptoms. Treatment Results: After 1-3 cycles of combined therapy After recovery in 36 cases (78.26%, improved in 9 cases (19.57%, 1 patient (2.17%. The follow up in six months, 45 cases were effective, 1 case of relapse, accounting for 2.22%.
2 Discussion
Dorsi fasciitis is a chronic non-specific pain, usually caused by an acute sprain back muscles failed to appropriate treatment or bending load due to the long single-position manual labor and other causes. Fascia muscle pain, repeatedly made by the external force term traction, many of the chronic cumulative trauma injury Erzhi form of the disease, can also be due to congenital variation in load imbalance when. The muscle and fascia can produce aseptic inflammation, exudation, edema, induced adhesion and fiber long-unhealed lesions, once the complex sense of wind cold dampness evil, that there will be increased back pain, especially night pain obvious. Chinese medicine, usually caused by deficiency of blood can not wing ribs, complex sense of stagnation meridian wind cold dampness evil, or because of excessive injured workers, due to blood deficiency and qi stagnation, is the so-called “pain is unreasonable, General does not hurt.” “Pain is not loose, not loose the pain.” The main pathology of the back fascia is not loose, unreasonable. Links download the free paper on the treatment of this disease, I read many related books and information. a lot of treatment, including closure, acupuncture and knife as the representative of a variety of needles. but Most of the needle on the dorsal fascia can do “point” release. and back muscles fasciitis is more than a “surface” of the adhesions, contracture. Therefore, most of these treatments can do for relief of symptoms are less curable. “we must first of its profits.” needle in the treatment of ancient disease known the importance of taking back muscles fasciitis acupuncture treatment is allocated solved “face “and adhesiolysis can also” point “,” surface “combination of three-dimensional deep acupuncture therapy, a treatment point of maximum range of up to release 40cm2, due to more regular sewing needle with coarse long efforts to loosen up 10kg or more, the needle is blunt, release fascia and other organizations, no side effects, no bleeding, no damage to nerves and blood vessels. cupping in a timely manner after the needle out of the lesion with the congestion and pain caused by inflammatory substances, improve the lesions into the blood, improve focus parts of the state of ischemia and hypoxia, and promote local metabolism. In short, the allocation of acupuncture combined with cupping therapy backs fasciitis, the fascia of the lesion to the “loose” and “pass” aims to restore dynamic balance, as the organization created favorable conditions for recovery, thereby achieving a cure of disease.



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