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Do you know Rosehip reduces back pain?

Back pain : Back pain and joint pain after a cold are the most common diseases in the world. In most countries around the world, 65-80% of people experience back pain during their life. In other words, all people experience at least one back pain during their lifetime. Another common …

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Ears Itch: Why Do Ears Itch؟

Ears Itch : No matter what the cause of itching, you should never place any objects in your ear. With this action, your inner ear, including small bones that help you in hearing, can be damaged. Instead of listening to foreign objects, increase your information about the causes of itching, …

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Heart disease : 12 warning signs appearing on the skin (II)

Heart disease : In the previous article, it has been pointed out that when symptoms of heart disease develop, there are signs of a warning on the skin and nails, and some of them are mentioned. Follow this article to get along with other symptoms of heart problem, which can …

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Heart disease: 12 warning signs appearing on the skin (I)

Heart disease : Warning signs can appear on your skin and nails, which is why your dermatologist may be the first doctor to notice that you have heart disease. If you know what to look for, you can also find warning signs of heart disease on your skin and nails. The …

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Diseases that cause dry skin and their treatment with herbal medicines

Dry skin: Having some diseases causes dry skin, which causes problems for people. Because they also have to seek medical treatment and, in many cases, the use of chemical medicine to treat their illness and to relieve dry skin. In addition to introducing diseases that cause dry skin, this paper …

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Cold in children : How can we children’s cold control? (Home Remedies)

Cold in children : Most children usually have a cold 6 to 10 times a year. The children who go to kindergarten or primary school reach 12 times a year. Therefore, if we can not protect our children from the confrontation with viruses, we will increase their body resistance with these …

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Thyroid problems : What are the symptoms? (First part)

Thyroid problems

Thyroid problems: When your thyroid does not work properly: Are you suffering from fatigue, weight gain or hair loss? Are you Anxious? All of these can be a cause of thyroid gland’s problems. The thyroid gland plays a vital role in your body and the activity of many organs dependent …

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