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7 Fruit to Avoid With Diabetes

Fruit to Avoid With Diabetes : As people with diabetes account for more than 10 percent of the country’s population, lifestyle is a major cause of increased diabetes. Is the fruit forbidden to diabetics? Fruit is not forbidden to diabetics There is a lot of sugar in some fruits, which …

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Do you Know How to Dress a Baby in Winter?

baby dressing : Dressing fit with seasons and weather conditions in each season is the key to enjoying the beauty of nature. Winter, like in other seasons, creates its own beauty for playing and enjoying children, and this season’s cold is not meant to be home to children. As a …

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Which Can Affect Your Medication?


Medication : If you take any special medications, be care about this medication may not be compatible with some foods or other medications. Talk to your doctor before taking any medicine for the first time. Here is some Grapefruit This citrus fruit changes the way certain cells in your gut …

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Stress : Simple ways to reduce stress after a busy day!


Stress : Have you ever been bored after a busy day? Have you ever thought about how can you boost your energy? Today, because of urban life’s problems we need to find some solutions that can keep us active and boost our energy. Below are some of these cheap solutions: Dark Chocolate …

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Do you know which are the essential vitamin in Aging process?

The vitamins needed in aging : As the body grows older, it does not work like a young age. Reducing muscle mass, weight gain, the risk of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. So, to prevent and cure these problems, the diet should be slightly changed. …

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Houseplants : How can we reduce air pollution with houseplants?


Houseplants : Do you know that air pollution is one of the five great threats to human health in the world? Air pollution is associated with several diseases including asthma, headache, chemical sensitivity and even cancer. The concentration of many domestic pollutants is two to five times higher than that of …

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Sleep : Why does we need enough sleep?

Sleep : Do you have enough concentration? Or do you have trouble in learning? More concentration Doctors are often associated this problem with enough sleep. There is a strong relationship between Sleep and the brain cells.  Adequate sleep increase your concentration and learning ability. Less accidents Sleepy drivers cause many …

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Cold in children : How can we children’s cold control? (Home Remedies)

Cold in children : Most children usually have a cold 6 to 10 times a year. The children who go to kindergarten or primary school reach 12 times a year. Therefore, if we can not protect our children from the confrontation with viruses, we will increase their body resistance with these …

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