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Woman and Depression

Woman and Depression Statistics suggest that women are more likely to suffer from a depressive illness than men. Two out of three patients in hospitals with such disorders are women, and most of them are married. The propotions are the same among those seen by doctors but not admitted to …

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depression in child

depression in childDepression is one of the most common psychological/psychiatric disorders. It affects a person’s overall energy, mood, expressions of emotion and behavior. I t was generally thought that children could not become depressed. Now researchers recognize that children, like everyone else, are not immune from this insidious and dangerous …

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heart attack

Heart attack This factsheet is for people who have had a heart attack (myocardial infarction or coronary thrombosis), or who would like information about it. A heart attack happens when a coronary artery (a blood vessel that supplies the heart with blood) carrying oxygen-rich blood to heart muscle is blocked. …

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Heart valve disease

Heart valve disease Heart valve disease is when one or more valves in your heart aren’t working fully and blood doesn’t flow through your heart as it should. Heart valve disease is also known as valve disease or valvular heart disease. About heart valve diseaseHeart valve disease can put extra …

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Heart failure

Heart failureHeart failure is a term used to describe the condition when the heart becomes less efficient at pumping blood and is therefore unable to meet the demands of the body. About heart failureHeart failure is a result of damage to your heart muscle that can’t be repaired. This damage …

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