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Does ADHD affect your child?

ADHD affects about 11 percent of American children. Often, one of the biggest struggles for ADHD kids and their parents is achieving a successful school experience. Symptoms of ADHD frequently look like a lack of effort, lack of motivation, or simply not caring about doing well in the classroom. When …

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Are you a motivated person?

Are you a motivated person? Motivation and How to Get Motivated Motivation has become a popular word nowadays. There are motivational coaches and speakers, and motivational books and articles. What is it actually, and why do you need it? Motivation is a driving force. In order to accomplish anything, you need …

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dont forget your mind power

The mind plays an important role in achieving every kind of success and goal, minor, everyday goals or major goals. With minor or day-to-day goals, one usually knows what he or she wants to do or get, but when it comes to major goals, most people don’t know what they …

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The Power of Concentration – Part One

The Power of Concentration – Part OneWhen I was a child, I saw how a magnifying glass could burn a piece of paper, when the rays of the sun were focused through it. The fire could start only when the sun’s rays were concentrated to a small point. When the …

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How do you visualize and affirm?

Achieving Your Dreams And GoalsTurning dreams into realityBy Remez Sasson Achieving your dreams and goals depends on several factors: 1. You should have a specific goal.2. You have to be sure that you really want to achieve your goal.3. You need to have a clear mental image of your goal.4. …

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