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Exercise is the key factor to reduce your blood pressure!

blood pressure

Blood pressure : If your blood pressure is high, the following recommendations can be helpful in lowering your blood pressure: Physical activity increases the effectiveness of blood pressure medication, you do not need to be a professional athlete, but you can exercise and enjoy it as an entertainer. Try to …

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“Exercise is medicine. It’s the best medicine

Men: Stay Fit As You Age Acting your age isn’t always easy. For men who have always been interested in fitness, reaching middle age can be a little rough, both physically and mentally. You may be upset that you can’t run as far, or at least as easily, as you …

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How Muscles Work

  fitness How Muscles Work Every muscle is actually a wrapped package, containing other smaller wrapped packages of long, slender cells known as muscle fibers. The outer wrapping, made of connective tissue, is called the muscle fascia. The smaller packages are called muscle fascicles, and each one contains a bundle …

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How Muscles Increase In Strength And Size

How Muscles Increase In Strength And Size A new program of aerobic exercise will increase a muscle’s endurance and tone and make it slightly larger (by a small percentage). But if you wish to significantly increase a muscle’s strength and size, you’ll need to do resistance exercises with that muscle …

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