About us

Parsiteb inspired from the originality of the Persia territory, is a scientific based company which is established in 2001 and the main purpose is production and presentation of unique herbal drugs. For production of these products, widespread researches, exact examinations and perfect sciences are necessary, so the base of the company is chosen according to the experiences of ancestors and new experiments.The evolution of the company started pilotly and then it changes to the industrial and systematic form with the maintenance of products quality.
Parsiteb relies on perfect sciences and experiments of great medical scientists for production of herbal products, that make it possible to have a huge success more than 80 percent for each product which is much higher than standard rates for success of the products.
Parsiteb website “ the best medical website of the country in the online festival of Iranian websites in 2010” offers a complete lists of medicinal plants and their magic properties. The website tries to make public familiar with the herbal medication, which is the oldest also the newest method of treatment in the world.
Available services include:
1.Introduction of name, properties and cost of different kinds of medicinal plants wholesale or retail and sending products for customers to all parts of the country.
2.Information about disease, causes and method of treatment and free consulting by the website and on the phone.
3.Collecting and translation of medical articles and news related to disease and treatment with medicinal plants.
4.Presenting compound products which their characteristics are guaranteed by Parsiteb company.