Constipation in traditional medicine
Constipation in traditional medicine

Constipation in traditional medicine

What is Constipation?

Constipation in traditional medicine Constipation in traditional medicineis one of the most frequent gastrointestinal complaints in the world. Based on the culture, lifestyle, food habits, it may have different definitions and the frequency of defecation is varied from three defecations a day to three a week. Many articles define that it is straining during defecation and the feeling of incomplete defecation is also reported as constipation.
Traditional medicine believes that defecation should be normally at least once a day (depending on the frequency and amount of food consumed) the defecation should have done easily and completely, otherwise, the person is suffering from constipation.
Scientists believe that in many cases, constipation is not serious diseases but it is bothersome. In traditional medicine, it is a major factor for many diseases.

It also can be a signal of other health problems or serious disorders like cancer. So, as long as constipation will be completely resolved, there is no cure for other diseases. Because it impedes the proper functioning of the stomach and other organs of the body.

Constipation in traditional medicine: Constipation common causes:

In most cases, it is related to diet and lifestyle. This is the list of the most common factors that cause constipation:
– Inappropriate diet: diet with lots of non-natural oils, animal fats (such as meats, dairy products, eggs), sugar, and diet with low fiber (vegetable, fruits).
– Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): It is different from common constipation because it is associated with abdominal pains.
– Pseudo-Constipation: You should know about your body because defecation is different per person. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding between normal and abnormal defecation.
– Traveling: Changing lifestyles and diets can cause this problem.
– Pregnancy: Due to hormonal changes, pregnancy can cause constipation too.
– Fissures and Hemorrhoids: This can produce a spasm of the anal sphincter muscle and can cause constipation.
– Medications: some medications can cause constipation. Such as pain medicines, antidepressant drugs, and some medicine that contain aluminum or calcium.
– Colonial motility disorders

Constipation in traditional medicine: Measures to relieve constipation in traditional medicine:

Yogurt, rice, fruit, low-quality bread, beef, veal, fish, sumac, cold water, noodle soup, lentils, candy, mint and mint distillate, non-natural vegetable oils (liquid and solid), pickles and potatoes.


1: drugs and tobacco can cause severe problems.
2: When you are traveling, prolonged sitting in any kind of vehicle can cause constipation, so it is better to consume some laxative fruits before the travel.
3: After defecation, anal washing with high-temperature water can cause this problem, so it is better to use normal temperature water.

Constipation in traditional medicine: Treatment in traditional medicine:

– Lubricate around the belly button, belly and flanks with sesame oil every night (laxative)
– Consumption a brewed beverage of Rose Damascena (Damask rose), Cassia Angustifolia (senna) leaves, and Cassia Fistula as a laxative.

Method of preparation

First of all, broke the fruits of Cassia Fistula and drain the seeds and the fruit inside, then brew 2 tablespoons of Cassia Fistula, 1 tablespoon of senna leaves, and 1 tablespoon of damask rose with 2 cups of boiling water.


Depending on the severity of constipation, it varies. At first, drink a normal glass of that and wait for 4 hours. If defecation were not done, drink another glass.

If it is necessary, repeat the process until constipation is relieved.
Something should be eaten more: pears, grapes or currants, olives, dried berries.

Constipation in traditional medicine: Other items contributing to relieve constipation:

– At least half an hour walk every day
– If possible, have a regular program to go to nature
– An exercise that can affect your belly and flanks
– Do not delay the defecation deliberately

Constipation in traditional medicine: Tips to speed up the treatment and prevention of relapse constipation:

– As long as you are not hungry and thirsty, don’t eat and drink, wait until you’re completely hungry and thirsty then you can eat food or drink.
– Don’t drink cold water or any kind of cold drinks during your meal or immediately after that.

– If you feel that you need to drink during the meal, you didn’t completely hungry because when you are completely hungry, not even need spice! Let alone you need to consume cold drinks.
– Never eat a lot of food or drink even if you want. Wait, the appetite would be decreased.
– You do not have to eat all your meals, please stop eating before you are full, It’s not important if you leave some of your foods.
– Use the medicines that your doctor has prescribed accurately and finished the treatment periods. So, be patient and trust in the treatment process.
– If you are suffering from insomnia, drip a few drops of Violet’s oil in your nostrils.
– Don’t use any kind of medicinal plant arbitrary or with the prescription of people who are not aware of it.

Constipation in traditional medicine: Psycho digest as an herbal product to treat constipation:

According to the principles of traditional medicine treat constipation, ParsiTeb Company produces a product (Psycho digest) which is a distilled combination of 9 medicinal plants.

After using therapeutic methods for the treatment mentioned above, you can continue your treatment by using this medicine. This is also used to treat chronic depression, prostate problems, and reflex of stomach acid, anorexia and debility of the stomach.

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