The effects of tea and coffee consumption on reducing heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease (2)

Tea and coffee: In the previous article, some positive effects of coffee and tea on the treatment of diseases were mentioned. Learn more about the other benefits of these drinks in this article.

Parkinson’s treatment

Parkinson’s is a central nervous system disorder that affects movement.

Tea and Coffee play an important role in treating the disease.

Existing antioxidants help reduce the toxicity of nerve tissue.

Polyphenols in tea also play a role in restoring and protecting nerve tissue in Parkinson’s treatment.

Some researchers argued that coffee and tea reduced the early symptoms of the disease.

treat heart problems

Initially, doctors believed that people with heart problems should take less tea or coffee and / or lose their diet.

But recent studies portray this hypothesis.

It is said that people who take an average of 3 to 5 glasses of tea or coffee per day,

Reduces calcium sedimentation in blood vessels

And the risk of heart disease is reduced.

To treat fatty liver diseases

The liver is likely to be another body organ that benefits from these beverages.

Drinking 3 cups of coffee a day may reduce the risk of chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and liver cancer.

And can be an alternative medical role for those suffering from the disease.

Coffee has more than 100 different compounds,

And scientists are trying to figure out which compound is involved in the treatment of fatty liver.

Reduce the risk of stroke

Stroke occurs when the blood flows in a particular area of ​​the brain.

Drinking 1 cup of tea or coffee will reduce the likelihood of this happening.

Also, drinking black tea lowers blood pressure, which reduces the risk of stroke.

Avoid Cancer

Coffee and green tea may help prevent breast and prostate cancer.

While other types of tea may protect the types of cancer that affect the ovaries and stomach.

Researchers believe that antioxidants in tea, including polyphenols, are responsible for preventing this type of disease.

Prevent the formation of gallstones

Bile is a small bag located on the right side of the body, below the liver.

Some of the chemicals, including tiny pieces of tight cholesterol, can come in the form of a large stone or several small stones.

Cholesterol is responsible for the formation of stones in the gallbladder.

 Caffeine in coffee causes the fluid to move around the gallbladder and the cholesterol conversion to gallstones decreases.

Coffee increases the formation of stones by increasing gallstones contractions.

Disadvantages of overeating of tea and coffee

Despite the benefits mentioned above in relation to coffee and tea consumption,

Excessive caffeine can cause your anxiety or irritability

It also affects your sleep system.

It decreases the body’s ability to maintain calcium and thus increases the chance of osteoporosis.


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