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15 Foods With More Calcium Than Milk (II)
15 Foods With More Calcium Than Milk (II)

15 Foods With More Calcium Than Milk (II)

Calcium-rich foods: In the Previous article, we mentioned that dietary ingredients that have more calcium than milk, and can be used as a substitute for milk. Follow us in this article to introduce other foods that are rich in calcium.

8- Figs

  • Dried figs are rich in antioxidants and fiber and are highest in calcium as compared to other dried fruits.
  • 28 g of figs provide 5% of the daily calcium.
  • Dried figs also considered as a strong source of potassium and vitamin K .

9- Whey

10- Tofu

  • High source of protein and 8 amino acids are essential to the body.
  • One cup of Tofu provides 86% daily requirement to calcium.
  • There is also plenty of iron and minerals like manganese, zinc and vitamin B1.

11- Dark-greens vegetables

  • Dark-greens vegetables are a wonderful source of folic acid and extremely high in calcium.
  • Broccoli, cabbage, and spinach are excellent sources of calcium. A cup of vegetables provides 30% daily requirement for calcium.
  • Therefore, use of these vegetables to provide dietary calcium daily.


  • The amaranth protein is similar to other grains , but when it comes to calcium, this plant is 4 times the other grains contain calcium.
  • Amaranth leaves also contain calcium. In fact, the leaves contain more calcium than spinach!

13-Soy milk and almond milk

A glass of soy milk or almond milk supplies 30% of the daily need for calcium.

14- Quinoa

  • A variety of grains. If you are worried about getting inappropriate calcium.
  • Add these beans rich in calcium to your diet.
  • A cup of beans contains 80 mg of calcium which provides 8% daily requirement.

15- Green peas

  • Each green Pea Cup contains 45 mg of calcium.
  • It is A very rich source of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin K as well.

Reference: Foodworldblog

Collected by: Dr. Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri

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