Constipation: Do you know that constipation prevents the proper absorption of medicine and food? (part I)

Constipation : One of the most important gastrointestinal motility disorders is a disorder that causes delay in the movement of the contents of the gastrointestinal tract.

And may be present in various parts of the digestive system, including esophagus (mega isophagus),

stomach (gastroparesis and delayed gastric emptying), small intestine or colon (mega isophagus).


One of the most common motor disorders of the digestive tract is constipation.

Definition of constipation 

Constipation can be performed by treating the large intestine longer than its normal time (less than three times a week),

Or inadequate fecal excretion.

In the normal state of the remainder

The food consumed on the next morning breakfast comes to the large intestine.

Disposal is typically 12 to 72 hours or more after consuming food.

The type of food

The type of food intake is somewhat effective in terms of the length of time it takes.

For example, fiber-rich foods resist digestive enzymes throughout the digestive tract and absorb a bulk of water,

which is the stimulant of excretion.

Constipation is not a disease

But it can be a sign of different causes. This condition can be a hereditary or endocrine disorder, or nervous system diseases,

Colon diseases, or the effects of drugs and toxins.

Other symptoms

Reducing the movement of the colon,

Reducing the frequency of bowel movements,

Decreasing the volume of stool

And increasing its stiffness will definitely cause constipation.

Stool depletion

Constipation also occurs due to stool depletion that persists for a long time in the colon.

What is maladaptive syndrome?

The malabsorption syndrome occurs when there is no barrier to the process of absorbing important nutrients (including proteins, fats and vitamins) and fluids from the intestines.

Malabsorption can be caused by conditions such as

Celiac disease,

Crohn’s disease,

lactose intolerance,

And intestinal trauma.

What are the causes of maladaptation syndrome?




and a lot of fluids are absorbed in the small intestine

The malabsorption syndrome occurs when

something prevents the absorption of nutrients and important fluids from the intestines.

This problem can be caused by


Damage to the intestinal wall,

An internal disease,

Or lack of sufficient digestive enzymes.

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