Mouth ulcers
Mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers

Natural Treatment for Mouth Ulcers

Mouth ulcers are the most terrible thing to suffer from. You can’t eat, you can’t drink even you can’t talk properly because of ulcers. These yellow or white canker sores (second name for mouth ulcers) usually appear on gums, tongue, lips or inner side of cheeks. Generally they pop up in clusters but you can also find single ulcers in your mouth. On an average mouth ulcers or canker sore take 7-10 days to heal.

What causes mouth ulcers?:
The major causes of mouth ulcers are listed below:

* Bowel disease
* Poor dental hygiene
* Hormonal imbalance
* Viral infection
* Stress
* Hereditary
* Minor injuries

Major and prominent symptoms associated with mouth ulcers are listed below:

* Pain during swallowing, eating or talking
* Extreme salivation
* Inflammation expanding till tonsils and throat
* Bad breath

Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers:
There are various natural and Home Remedies for Mouth Ulcers which can easily cure your problem. You have a wide variety of treatments available for mouth ulcers. You can select aromatherapy, homeopathy, herbal treatment, and naturopathy or home remedies as a treatment for canker sores. In brief each therapy is discussed below:

* Treatment for mouth ulcers through Aromatherapy: Essential oils are highly efficient in treating mouth ulcers as they not only act as astringent but also have anti-fungal properties. One of the best essential oil for curing mouth ulcer is Myrrh. Best way to use Myrrh is in the form of tincture. You can easily prepare Myrrh tincture at home. You just need to dissolve 5 drops of Myrrh essential oil in 5ml of alcohol like brandy or vodka. Apply this tincture either directly on ulcer or dilute it in water and use it as mouthwash.
* Treatment for mouth ulcers through Homeopathy: Homeopathic medicines like borax, Nat sulph or merc sol are mainly used for treating mouth ulcers. Borax is beneficial in curing small, painful and bleeding ulcers. Nat sulph is used to treat sensitive, painful and blister shaped mouth ulcers. Where as merc sol is used for treating grayish, large and bleeding ulcers causing foul smell in your mouth.
* Mouth ulcers Herbal Treatment: You can topically apply herbal tincture to reduce inflammation, irritation and to enhance the healing process. The best herbs for treating mouth ulcers are Sage (Salvia officinalis), Marigold (Calendula officinalis), Myrrh (Commiphora molmol) and Thyme (Thymus vulgare). Myrrh is the strongest but it is horrible to taste. The most efficient herb is Cone Flower (Echinacea angutilolia) as while treating ulcers it also boosts up your immune system. Moreover it is easily obtainable in capsule as well as in tincture form.
* Treating mouth ulcers through Naturopathy: If you are suffering from reoccurring mouth ulcers then it indicate that you are suffering from nutritional deficiencies. The major nutrients which might be lacking in your diet could be Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron or Folic acid. Hence it is advisable for you to increase your consumption of food items which are rich source of these nutrients like whole grain bread, green leafy vegetables fruits, fish and meat. You can even opt for Vitamin supplements.
* Home Remedies for mouth ulcers: To know about home remedies visit: 15 Effective Home Remedies for Curing Mouth Ulcers.

In case you are not relieved by the above mentioned natural remedies, then it is advisable to visit your physician immediately.

Symptoms of Mouth Ulcers

* One may find mouth ulcers easily because of their appearance.
* A mouth ulcer will be oval or round in shape.
* Grey or white in color
* Inflamed around the edge
* They usually occur inside the cheeks, lips and under the surface of the tongue.
* It is rare to get a mouth ulcer on the root of you mouth.
* It last for fourteen to fifteen days. They may lasts for several weeks in most severe cases.

Prevention of Mouth Ulcers

* One should maintain proper hygiene, in order to prevent oneselves from mouth ulcers.
* Proper care of the gums and teeth should be taken.
* Visit to dentist regularly.
* Food which are rich in vitamins and proteins should be consumed on daily basis if you are experiencing mouth ulcers.
* Eat fresh fruits and green vegetables.
* Avoid eating very hot food and also do not drink too hot drinks otherwise it will damage the inner lining of the mouth.

Treatment for Mouth Ulcers

* In order to get relief from ulcers, one should rinse his/her mouth with ice water.
* Wash your mouth prior to meals
* One may take antibiotics in order to get relief from mouth ulcers. One should consult a doctor before taking any medicines.
* Do not rub ulcers with your fingers and avoid eating hot/spicy food.
* Mouth ulcers are caused due to the biting of the inner portion of the mouth. Sometimes toothbrushes which are not smooth are also responsible for mouth ulcers.
* One can also use anti-bacterial mouthwash in order to prevent ulcers.

When to Call a Doctor?

* When the ulcers gets inflamed and more painful
* When the ulcers last for three weeks
* When you develop an ulcer somewhere else on your body such as genitals.

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