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Houseplants: Reduce air pollution

Houseplants: Do you know that air pollution is one of the five great threats to human health in the world? Air pollution is associated with several diseases including asthma, headache, chemical sensitivity, and even cancer. The concentration of many domestic pollutants is two to five times higher than that of …

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Air pollution: How does it affect human health?

Air pollution

Air pollution: air quality significantly affects people’s lives. It’s clear that life in a non-polluting environment has a higher quality, but do we really know how air pollution affects our health and which parts of our body are damaged by any contaminated particles? Around the world, annual air pollution causes …

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Air pollution : Foods that protect us against air pollution.

Air pollution : It’s a serious problem in the world today and you can’t escape it. Therefore, the best thing to do is deal with the negative effects of breathing toxic chemicals in the body. You can deal with the negative effects of toxic chemicals breathing, or air pollution in the body through a balanced diet. However, remember that if you want …

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