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The Incredible Health Benefits of Beans

The Incredible Health Benefits of Beans
Beans beans, the healthiest fruit! Beans were long thought to merely be a bunch of awful, weight-inducing carbs, but new research is showing that not only is this untrue, but that beans are actually a very nutritious food! Here we’ll talk about everything beans can do for your body!
Beans are an often-overlooked source of incredible health benefits. – They have a lot of carbs, leading people to believe they should be avoided and seen as a weight gain risk only. Nothing could be farther from the truth though, as research has shown that the carbohydrates found in most beans are of the complex variety. Complex carbohydrates are not contributors to any sort of weight gain, instead providing the brain and muscles with a lot of good, stable energy supplies.

Beans actually contain a wider variety of healthy nutrients than most foods. These include calcium, potassium, vitamin B6, magnesium, folate, and alpha-linolenic acid. These nutrients work together on several key areas of the body promoting total health. Beans also happen to be good sources of complete proteins, which is rare in plants. Plants, while having many different nutrients, often lack complete proteins of any kind. This is unfortunate, as protein is a vital ingredient to the healthy and normal functioning of the human body, and the most readily available sources of protein have negative effects on the heart. Beans, however, are plentiful in protein.

Most of the commotion that beans are generating in the scientific community has to do with the fact that they are showing to provide protection from many of the most feared and lethal diseases plaguing Americans today. Studies done in universities have shown that eating beans on a regular basis reduces a person’s risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and obesity. Sometimes the reduction in risk is substantial. The risk for heart disease, for example, may be reduced by as much as 22%. Beans help to curb hunger, and offer the body valuable sources of ready energy that it can burn quickly and effectively. Because of this, beans boost energy levels, and as a result, promote weight loss.

Antioxidants have become the hottest, most talked about nutrient in recent times. Most of this is because of its ability to protect the body from free-radicals, which cause many health problems and premature aging. Beans are plentiful sources of antioxidants, giving them the ability to help keep your appearance young and vibrant. Antioxidants have also been shown to help reduce the risk of cancer by protecting the body from damaging outside agents.

So which beans should you be adding into your diet? Michigan State University has done studies that indicate “dry” beans are the healthiest. Most beans contain extremely similar nutrients, but it is generally thought that the best are kidney beans, lima beans, pinto beans and navy beans. It is recommended that you get about three cups of beans per week into your diet to achieve the best health results, but even as little as a cup per week can help you achieve impressive results!

Beans are powerful little foods that have been ignored for far too long. Associated with Carbohydrates and gas, current studies have done a wonderful job of increasing our understanding of this plentiful food and revealed it to be packed with important nutrition. The benefits that can be attained from eating beans are as varied as all of the nutrients they contain, but what is important is that many of these benefits help to protect people from some of the most feared illnesses of our times. Beans are also very easy to get in your diet, and thanks to the many varieties out there, you’re almost guaranteed to find one that you like.  

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