What is schizophrenia? (Part II)

Schizophrenia: In the previous article, we reviewed the definitions and causes of schizophrenia. In this article, we will diagnose and treat it.

How Doctors Diagnose It?

There are no medical tests available to diagnose schizophrenia. Doctors in all people are able to diagnose the disease based on their history and family history, and specific behaviors and symptoms of the affected person.

The period from the onset of symptoms to the complete diagnosis of the disease is called the first part of psychiatry.

schizophreniaThis period can take days, weeks or even one year. Sometimes it is very difficult because there is usually no diagnostic method for this disease.

One of the symptoms of the diagnosis is called Prodrome, which is in fact associated with subtle behavioral changes especially in adolescents.

These behaviors include eliminating social groups and expressing unusual suspicions. But it’s not enough to detect schizophrenia. Therefore, the physician’s skill is needed to diagnose the disease.

Medicines That Treat It

Prescription drugs can reduce symptoms such as abnormal thinking, hallucinations, and delusions. Some people have troubling side effects, including tremors and gaining weight.

Drugs may also interfere with other medicines or supplements. But in most cases, medication is a must to treat schizophrenia.

The Role of Therapy

schizophreniaTherapy can help people with schizophrenia find ways to better understand their behavior and thoughts, and get better with this problem. In cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), patients learn to understand the true nature of their thoughts and manage better symptoms.

The goal of other therapies is to promote self-care and improve communication and communication skills.

Return to social relationships

Rehabilitation programs for the treatment of schizophrenia tell patients how to do their daily routine, such as using public transportation, managing money, buying food, or finding and keeping work.

These programs help the person to deal with the community as a member of a team in social activities. This type of treatment includes taking medication and providing social services and training.

Staying on the Plan

People with schizophrenia sometimes do not understand their side effects due to their side effects and stop taking drugs.

This increases the risk of more serious complications in patients, which can lead to psychosis. Regular counseling can help treat patients and prevent recurrence or need to be hospitalized.


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