Aromatherapy Essential


You will be cured by various scents

Aromatherapy is a kind of treatment method, which is widespread in the eastern countries of the globe and it could be an auxiliary method beside herbal medicine and massage therapy. In this method different diseases of body and soul are cured by inhaling the extract of medicinal plants. Aromatherapists according to the patient’s condition suggest special oils, essences and herbal scents in inhaling or massaging forms. In this method the patient receives therapeutic properties topically by the skin and will be cured. Aromatherapy is widespread around the world beside massage therapy and India and China traditional medicine.

Aromatherapy has no age limitation

Aromatherapists believe that consumption of rose oil is one of the best treatments in physical and mental disorders. Rose oil could be used in different ages for children, adolescents, youth and elderlies. Different essences and scents have various therapeutic properties and make great effects on the body. With consumption of some essences it is possible to be fresher with consumption of some essences, even you are able to quite smoking.

Both prevention and treatment together

Aromatherapy can increase resistance of body to different diseases included various problems related to the hair and skin, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, the circulatory system and women’s diseases. Also aromatherapy prevents from physical and mental disorders, painful joints , insomnia and menstrual disorders.

Purifying the air in your home

Nowadays many people use various medicinal plants to purify their home and office. Aromatherapists suggest some essences to disinfect the air such as essence of rose flower, rosemary, savory, bergamot, eucalyptus, garlic and onion. Fumigation of eucalyptus and thyme could purify your home in the cold seasons.

Several useful odors

Effect of lemon scent in treatment of depression

Researchers asked 12 depressed patients to be in exposure of citrus scent which has lemon oil. This scent regulates amount of hormones and improves the function of immune system. Also it decreases the consumption of antidepressant medications, that is enough to rub a lemon on your wrist.

Sedative effect of almond scent

Canadian researchers asked 20 men and 20 women to put their hands in the boiled water, then they were exposed in exposure of different essences. When the women inhaled the almond extract, they felt less pain and vice versa, when they were inhaling vinegar they felt more pain. It did not have the same effect on men, but both of them had a better feeling during inhaling the essences.

Jasmine flower makes you to have a sweet dream

If you wake up and still feel tired, it can be helpful to inhale a jasmine essence. According to an investigation which has been presented in Psychological Association Conference, researchers examined sleeping conditions of 20 volunteers. 10 volunteers slept in an aromatic room full of Jasmin odor and 10 volunteers slept in an odorless room. The first group felt less levels of stress and anxiety and their movements during sleeping were minimized.

Black pepper scent and quitting smoking

In an investigation, researchers asked smokers to inhale scent of black pepper or angelica. Results of this investigation show that these 2 natural oils decrease the tendency of smoking, so they can be used for quitting smoking.

Cinnamon scent improves your balance

According to a research people who inhale the cinnamon scent have more balance in comparison with others. This scent increases the moving ability and decreases tiredness and anxiety. Also it stimulates the central nervous system and improves the function and motivation of a person.

Rose scent makes you have a sweet dream

Examinations show that volunteers who slept in an aromatic room full of rose scent had a sweet dream, but volunteers who slept in a smelly room had a nightmare. Researchers believe that different odors can affect on the brain’s emotional responses. Also inhaling the rose scent is able to increase fertility of uterus. Indian aromatherapists believe that rose scent regulates disorders of menstrual period and it affects on many disorders during pregnancy. In addition, rose scent can be an effective prescription for a woman who decided to be a mother, it makes her ready physically and mentally and generally increases physical and mental health. In traditional medicine rose flower is one of the most effective medicinal plants before pregnancy. It is suggested young mothers inhale rose scent before and after pregnancy.

Banana scent makes you feel full

According to an investigation on 3000 overweight volunteers who inhaled banana or apple scent while they were hungry, they lost 2.5 kilograms during 6 months without a special diet, because inhaling some scents secrets some hormones that makes you feel full.

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