Basil is widely used in traditional medicine and Ayurveda. Basil is rich in hundreds of phytochemicals. It has anti-bacterial, antiviral and immune-enhancing properties. Here are 18 wonderful uses for the basil.

1. Application of the juice of the basil leaves mixing with a little amount of honey over the eyes twice daily to treat fresh cases of cataract.
2. Basil improves the efficiency of the kidney. Take the mixture of equal amounts of the juice of basil leaves and honey regularly for 6 months for eliminating the stones in the kidney.
3. Basil is good medicine for diabetes. The antioxidants in basil reduce the glucose level in blood. So take a tea spoon of juice of basil leaves daily to keep the diabetes under control.
4. Basil leaves improve memory power. The smell of these leaves is pleasant to us.
5. Basil oil cures earache, while gargling with the decoction made with these leaves reduces throat pain.
6. Taking the mixture of equal parts of the powder of basil roots and ghee can make you romantic.
7. Tea made with the tender leaves of basil prevents Malaria and Dengue. Take the decoction of these leaves with cardamom powder for reducing high body temperature.
8. Basil can reduce heart diseases as it reduces the cholesterol content in the arteries.
9. Mix a tea spoon of honey and ginger juice in a cup of decoction made with basil leaves and take for getting relief from cold, influenza, asthma and bronchitis.
10. The decoction made with the mixture of leaves, roots and flowers of basil acts as anti venom for a snake bite.
11. The Eugenol in these leaves is a good pain killer. Rub the leaves on the wounds for healing and for relief from pain.
12. Place few leaves of basil under the pillow or under the bed sheets to solve the problem of insomnia.
13. Massage with basil oil on the affected limbs to reduce the severity of paralysis.
14. Make a fine powder of basil flower buds. Mix a spoon of powder to a spoon of honey and consume it for relief from migraine.
15. The mixture of equal amounts of yogurt and basil juice with a pinch of cardamom powder is considered to be a cure for venereal diseases.
16. Leaves can be used to treat insect stings and bites.
17. Wash the hair with the decoction of basil to condition the hair.
18. Adding some basil flowers and leaves in bathing water makes the body fresh.

Recently basil is used in cooking too. It can be used with tomato sauce, pesto or vinegar. It can also be sprinkled over salads and sliced tomatoes. So use basil and enjoy the benefits of it.

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