Blood Concentration : How Blood Concentration Causes Disease? (Part II)

Blood concentration : In the previous article we defined the concentration of blood and some of its complications. In this paper, we will also complete the above discussion.

Drowsiness and fatigue

  • In conditions of increased blood pressure and low levels of oxygen in the blood, feeling weak or dizzy faster than normal in humans.
  • The result is a temporary dizziness or blurred vision
  • Without proper gas exchange, he body can not receive the oxygen needed, when the body is exposed to low levels of oxygen.
  • fatigue is formed.

kidney stone

The accumulation of dietary crystalline minerals that increases blood levels in the capillaries.

It causes the formation of stones in the kidney.

The stages of forming the stone are as follows:

  • Lack of proper circulation of blood
  • Lack of adequate discharge of waste materials, and in particular of the body fluids
  • Ultimately, the formation of kidney stones


The kidney function decreases, and during the following stages gout is formed:

  • Increase uric acid in the blood and body fluids
  • Increased Blood Concentration
  • Uranium abnormal accumulation
  • And eventually creating gout

uric acid

High levels of uric acid in the blood make it deposited on tissues.

Uric acid is not toxic, but sedimentary crystals can cause mechanical damage to the tissue.

when the kidneys are damaged, uric acid excretion is affected and uric acid begins to accumulate.

Bone pain

Bone is one of the largest organs in the body.

The living tissue is able to change sakhtarkhvd as a result, pressure is available.

The texture of life is not fixed and unchanged but, quite active and constantly changing. even in old age.

This member has blood vessels of living cells and nerves.

Under conditions of increased blood concentration:

  • Increased storage of heavy metals including lead and zinc in the body
  • Bone analysis
  • And ultimately bone pain

Nose bleeding

As previously mentioned, high blood pressure increases blood pressure, high blood pressure can be the first symptom of nasal hemorrhage.

Also, high Blood concentration can rupture the walls of the vessels (arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis) and hardening of the arteries in the nose causes it to bleed.

Treatment with Persian medicine products

Recent reviews have shown that the use of chemical drugs only carries out treatment for blood-related diseases in a temporary way.

Recent reviews have shown that the use of chemical drugs only carries out treatment for blood-related diseases in a temporary way.

On the other hand, with increasing information on the side-effects and side effects of the use of chemical substances and drugs. It is advisable to seek a safer solution for the treatment of various diseases in the present society.

To achieve this goal, traditional medicine, through the adaptation of past knowledge to the current climate and social conditions of the present society. Offers safer and more rooted approaches and treatment of this disease through esophagus.

For this purpose, ParsiTeb company, according to the amazing properties of herbs in the treatment of various diseases. The production of herbal distillates, based on scientific principles and based on modern knowledge, has protected from 17 different herbal medicines.

This distillate reduces blood lipids, purifies blood, Eclipse and depositional fats in the blood vessels can greatly modulate blood concentrations. And thus improve the blood levels of the diseases mentioned in these two articles by improving blood levels.

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