How can be taller? ( With natural suggestions)

How can be taller? ( With natural suggestions)

Become taller : Maybe you feel that your friends suddenly got tall and you’re backward.

Perhaps your family members are tall and you’re worried if you’ll be like them !!!!

The fact is that the height of an individual is largely controlled by its genes.

Of course, there are many other factors, including diet, type of daily activity, and so on to become taller. They determine the ultimate height of a person.

Balanced diet

Eating a high amount of fat is a shorter one.

Eating protein substances such as beans, soy and nuts will help grow healthy muscles and bones, and will show you a taller body.

Simple carbohydrates like pizza, cakes, sweets and soups are the things to avoid.

The researchers said there was a direct correlation between zinc deficiency in the body and a decrease in height.

In boys, regular use of zinc in the age of growth leads to an increase in sudden height in them. Good sources of zinc include wheat, pumpkin seeds and peanuts.

Get enough vitamin D

Vitamin D boosts bone and muscle growth in children.

The lack of it in girls will reduce the growth and, consequently, will shorten the height.

Just 15 minutes a day in front of the sun’s direct light to ensure that you get enough vitamin D.

Sports relationship and tall

Regular exercise can help you over the years to become taller.

If you do not have time to exercise at least 15 minutes on foot.

Enough sleep at night

Sleep is when your body grows.

Therefore, assigning more time to sleep is equivalent to giving the body time to grow and increase height.

During pregnancy or under the age of 20 years, get 9 to 11 hours of sleep 24 hours a day.

The role of genetics in increasing height

The researchers say that 60 to 80 percent increase in height is related to genetics.

Of course, it’s not true that if you are a short parent, I can not say you’re tall.

Do not try to increase your height

There may not be many ways to increase your height, but you can do several steps to increase the environmental impact of increasing your height.

Drugs, alcohol and malnutrition are factors that prevent you from reaching the desired height. So be careful about taking them.

Does caffeine really stunt your growth

Many studies by scientists have shown that caffeinated beverages do not reduce their height !!!!!!!!

But it should be noted that children and adolescents need to sleep between 9 and 10 hours.

The consumption of caffeine beverages may only disturb their ability to sleep properly, and it is believed by the old belief that these beverages reduce their height in children and adolescents.

Does smoking really stunt your growth

 Columbia University researchers said in their research that children and adolescents who smoke or even smoke are heavier.

Do steroids really stunt your growth

Unfortunately, the use of steroidal products prevents bone growth in children and adolescents.

Even complications such as reduced sperm count, reduced chest size, increased blood pressure, and increased risk of heart attack.

Children and teens who suffer from asthma and use inhalers that dispense small doses of the steroid budesonide are, on average, half an inch shorter than those not treated with steroids

Reference: WikiHow

Collected by: Dr. Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri

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