Diabetes in traditional medicine

Diabetes in traditional medicine


If you look around yourself , you will find many people who have diabetes  and this problem  becomes widespread in the world. Some complications are caused by diabetes such as hard and brittle blood vessels, heart attack and brain stroke, retina and eye’s problems, Kidney Diseases, wounds and feet infections, weak immune system, peripheral nervous system problems. Diabetes improves step by step and the patient must do actions for treatment, if not diabetes surprises and kill him. Sometimes, if the disease improves could be more dangerous than different types of cancer. Many people become blind completely or kidneys and hearts are damaged seriously. Sometimes, the patient is forced to cut some parts of the body due to diabetes, Also it is probable to be killed by an early death. But, if we start treatment  by different methods of treatment, the patient is able to live normally.
It is reported that some diabetic people have continued their normal lives with going on a suitable diet without any trouble. There are many symptoms for diabetes  and the most important ones are; thirst, extreme dry mouth, high appetite to water and food, overeating, frequent urination( specially at night), weight loss and atrophy, genital itching, fatigue and impatience.

There are many suggestions for a diabetic patient. High activity , daily exercises, 30 minutes to one hour hiking 30 % decrease the blood sugar. A diabetic patient must prevent from eating  special foods and fruits with high amount of sugar, such as rise, potatoes, all sweets (except natural honey and dried berries, pasta, bread( without wheat bran. Sweet fruits such as banana, persimmon, pineapple, dates, melon, cantaloupe, raisins, starchy or greasy foods, stress and neurological disorders increase the sugar blood . (There are different ideas about the carrot)
A diabetic patient should use barely bread instead of wheat bread or it is acceptable to use wheat bran. Also they ought to eat a simple dinner in the first hours of the night. Bilberry is a useful herbal medicine which has small grains, these grains must be powdered,  poured and solved in a glass of water. It could be drunk once or twice daily.
Walnut leaf Distillate decreases sugar blood and regulates it, due to large amount of antioxidants. Urtica is another helpful plant in controlling sugar blood. It is found everywhere. The nature of this plant is warm and it has many therapeutic properties in the liver problems and urinary tract. Alfalfa also is called the king of medicinal plants because it contains high amount of vitamins and minerals. Also it is able to decrease and regulate sugar blood.
Diabetic people should have a severe diet, they should consume certain foods and vegetables , specially kilka fish, shrimp, chicken and quail, barely soup, cabbage and broccoli, onions, garlic, lettuce, pumpkin, almonds and hazelnuts, lentils, beans specially cowpea, infused nettle and flixweed.

Also consumption of some fruits such as cucumber, apple, pear, pomegranate (sour or tart), blackberry, barberry, blueberry and cherries is helpful. A diabetic patient should be careful in eating lemon, but dried lime is very effective in controlling sugar blood.

High- sugar fruits: watermelon, melon, persimmon, pineapple, ripe banana,  grapes, dates.

Fruits with low sugar which are suitable for diabetics: cucumber, apple, apricot, pomegranate( tart or sour), dried limes, blackberry, barberry, blueberry and cherries.

Vegetables for diabetes: all vegetables, specially spinach, cabbage and broccoli, lettuce, squash, okra, onion, garlic, fenugreek, celery and garden cress.


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