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Do You Know How to Be a Happy Mom?
Do You Know How to Be a Happy Mom?

Do You Know How to Be a Happy Mom?

Happy mother : Mother is one of the greatest divine blessings, whose existence can be a shadow for the family and community.

Loving mothers provide a better quality of life for the family and deliver healthy and dynamic children to the community.

Usually moments of joy that mothers spend with their children and rejoice with them is very brief.

But these little moments are so strong and powerful that they can bring happiness and happiness with themselves.

Two important things happy moms don’t do

Before we get to the list of positive steps you can take toward your quest of how to be a happy mom, we need to get on the same page with two important issues:

1- Don’t try to simply deny that you feel frustrated or annoyed. Bottling up negative feelings just makes those feelings worse.

2- On the other hand, venting isn’t always helpful either. Complaining keeps you focused on the problem instead of a solution, plus it’s bad for your brain and your health.

How to Be a Happy Mom

1- Describe emotions

Use a word or two to describe how you’re feeling

For example, I’m feeling angry .

The extra word “feeling” helps you separate the emotion you’re experiencing from your sense of self.

It’s a lot easier to overcome anger when you label it as something you’re feeling instead of something you are.

You are not the hot-headed Anger dude from the movie Inside Out. You’re just feeling angry feelings.

2- Do Three Rounds of 3-1-6

To catch your body from unleashing a full-fledged fight-or-flight response, do this :

1- Breathe in for three seconds. Count out “one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand” in your head to make sure you don’t rush it.

2- Hold the breath for one second.

3- Exhale for six seconds

4- Repeat steps 1-3 three times.

You are gradually feeling relaxed. Because

Deep breathing usually causes:

  • Reduce heart rate
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Thus, we can control the effective physiological factors in exacerbating anger and anger.

3- Get out of the environment

Avoiding yourself from the source of anger, whether it’s place or person, is an angry management skill that you can use to calm yourself down.

To do this, you can close your eyes and move yourself to a quiet place, or simply move to make your anger down.

4- Kissing the person you love

Remember this, when you experience negative emotions, the brain’s amygdala reacts like an alarm and interprets everything as a threat.

You need to reduce the amount of brain amygdala to be happy mom. One solution is to kiss a dear friend, child or mother.

5- Exercise to be a happy and energetic mother

Exercise strengthens endorphins, which is a chemical that helps fight stress.

Exercise also allows your body to release a specific protein called BDNF.

This protein is like a re-switch for the brain, so you usually feel more relaxed and happy after exercise.

So do physical activity after anger.

6- Have a nice night’s sleep

Good sleep and good night’s sleep affects the good and happy mood.

If you can sleep and relax at nights, you will surely experience the big difference you make.

  • You will be more active throughout the day
  • If you’re not tired, you can read the book for your child
  • And if you have time, take him to the park.

But if you can not rest at night, you’re tired and frustrated throughout the day, and you do not even have the energy to do the most basic and essential work.

Reference: Happyyouhappyfamily

Collected by: Dr. Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri

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