Better skin with Facial Massage!

Facial Massage: Only a relaxed face is beautiful. But during the day our facial muscles are constantly in use and the stressful everyday life leaves its mark.

Facial Massage

Stress and tension are clearly have a negative effect on our face and appearance. Facial massage can refresh your skin.

It smoothest out wrinkles, reduces tension, nourishes the skin and leaves a beautiful complexion.

  • Clean the skin and use some herbal oil
  • Then you can start a facial massage.

So let’s start:

  • Gently put both hands on the face and without pressure on the side outward to the ears approach and over the neck down.
  • After the third repetition, linger by the ears and gently massage them – starting from the earlobe, following the shape of the ear to the base of the ear.

Forehead massage


A forehead massage reduces horizontal wrinkles.

  • Put the right hand across the forehead and gently pull the hand back, while the hand adapts to your forehead shape.
  • Then put the left hand on the forehead and also let it slide back.
  • Pressure can be stronger or weaker depending on your feelings.
  • Place both hands gently on the temples and circle from front to back. Without pressure.
  • These very slow circular movements intensify the relaxation.

Second variant

Place the middle and ring finger on the center of the forehead and massage with small circular movements outwards to the temples. Repeat this action twice.

Against frown lines

  • Place the middle and index finger just above the point where the opposite eyebrow begins.
  • With light pressure from there down to the tip of the nose. Repeat this movement six times and then change sides. Repeat this three times.

Eye massage

Facial Massage treatment
  • Begin at the bridge of the nose and stroke the arch of the eyebrow without pressure. Without distorting the skin from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye and repeat this grip in a flowing movement without much pressure.
  • Either with one finger or with the inner edge of the index finger. Relaxes the eye ring muscle and counteracts wrinkles.

Mouth massage

  • Make a V with your index finger and middle finger and stroke above and below the lips.

The right hand begins at the left corner of the mouth and pulls back, remains at the outer edge of the cheek and the fingers of the left hand stroke from the right corner of the mouth to the left.

  • Form an ‘Ooo’ and increase the lip tension. Hold for five seconds, repeat ten times.


Collected by: Dr. Sara Bakhshaei

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