What is Lip correction with hyaluron?

What is Lip correction with hyaluron?

Lip correction: Symmetrical, proportional, and plump lips are always a symbol of youth, beauty, and health.

Lip correction

With age, the lips lose their shape and some small wrinkles are appear around the lips.

Enlarging the lips with hyaluronic acid is an effective way to increase the volume of the lips, correct their shape or stop aging.

Lip correction with hyaluron

Often, cosmetic measures no longer achieve the desired effect, and when the natural size of the lips or their shape no longer appealing, the Hyaluron treatments are used. The enlargement of the lips is achieved by the hyaluronic gel.

Hyaluron occurs naturally in the organism – it is pure, completely absorbable.

Lip correction

The Hyaluron preparation combines with water molecules, thus filling the lips evenly, correcting and moisturizing them. With increasing age, the production of hyaluron and collagen in the body continues to decline; Hyaluronic acid treatment is the most effective way to restore lost weight.

Hyaluron’s replenishability gives you great results:

  • The lips regain their youthful appearance
  • The lips retain their shape and volume
  • To fill the small wrinkles around the lips
  • To correct Asymmetry

After treatment, the effect is immediately visible, so this treatment is very popular among patients.

Lip correction

When we can do lip correction?

  • When the lips are narrow and virtually unnoticeable when smiling
  • With age, the lips become thinner and their volume decreases
  • To increase their volume for aesthetic reasons
  • To correct shape or asymmetry or to fill small wrinkles around the lips
  • Considering the shape of the face, fuller lips usually give the face a harmonious appearance
lip correction

The following corrections are possible:

  • For larger lip volume
  • Improvement of shape and correction of asymmetry contouring
  • Filling small wrinkles around the lips and from wrinkles that extend from the corners of the lips to the chin
  • Raising the lip angle
lip correction

How long does the effect last?

The duration of the effect is individual, depending on the characteristics of the organism – up to 1 year.

The hyaluron remains in the skin for about 12-24 months. Later, the treatment can be repeated.

It is recommended to avoid active sunlight, sauna sessions and intensive sports during the first week after treatment.

Reference: eraesthetic.de

Collected by: Dr. Sara Bakhshaei

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