The eyes are an important beauty factor!

Eyes are the important beauty factor!

Eye: The eyes are an important beauty factor, and their health and beauty play an important role in the beauty of our face. These tips can help us to have more beautiful and healthy eyes and skin:

Avoid over-consumption of salt

If you want to have a good skin, leave the fast foods. The amount of water is always higher in parts of your body that have the lowest sodium content. Eating salt increases the amount of sodium in your body. For example, taking a fatty dinner with a lot of salt will cause skin fatigue the next morning.

Get rid of allergenic factors

If you are experiencing seasonal allergy, exposure to allergenic agents may cause symptoms such as inflammation of the eyes, which can be controlled by taking anti-inflammatory drugs.

Use a salty solution to wash your nose and sinuses

This may sound strange, but it may eliminate excess mucus in your sinuses caused by seasonal allergies, colds or infections. And this will make us more hydrated.

Change your sleeping position

If you fall asleep to your side or abdomen, gravity will affect the flow of fluid under the skin of your eyes and will cause wrinkles and skin fading around the eyes for a long time. Try to fall asleep back and put as much as possible an extra pillow under your head.

Never sleep with makeup

It help the skin breathe easily. Before bed, clean the skin and especially the area around the eyes with appropriate cleaners and then apply a moisturizer or eye cream.

Decrease drinking alcoholic beverages

Excessive alcohol consumption can reduce the body’s water and this can also affect the delicate area around the eyes. Try to drink water before bedtime and use appropriate moisturizers for the skin and around the eyes.

Protect your skin and eyes from UV rays

Sun radiation can cause wrinkling of the face and sensitive skin around the eyes. So it’s best to use sunscreen when exposed to sunlight and protect your eyes with proper sunglasses.

Do not smoking

Smoking has bad effect on the skin especially affect the delicate skin area around the eyes.

Cool the area around your eyes

If your eyes are inflamed, a cold compress can reduce inflammation and prevent wrinkles. For this purpose, you can use cold spoons, cucumber pieces, cold tea bags and so on.

Do not forget using eye cream after 30 

There are many creams and lotions for the eyes. Choose the best option depending on your skin type.

Collected by
Dr. Sara Bakhshaei

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Dr Sara Bakhshaei ParsiTeb Company Researcher
Dr Sara Bakhshaei is a PhD. graduate Agroecologist from the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. She has done researches in some agricultural and health fields such as Plant Ecology, Agroecology, Data Analysis, Crop production, LCA and Pharmaceutical effects of medicinal plants. She completed her researches as an Internship period in IFF institute(Institute of Social Ecology) in Vienna, Austria. Since 2016 she works as a senior researcher at Parsiteb herbal pharmaceutical company. She has 8 years of work experience as a university lecturer in Iran and published more than 100 articles in her research fields. Now she continues her study in the field of Phytomedicine at the Boku University of Vienna.

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