How we can have healthier eyes?

Eyes : How can we have healthier eyes?

Eyes : Using of computers and other electronic equipment at work and home has devastating effects on the proper functioning of the body and eyes.

In this article, we will try to show solutions to make our eyes healthier.

Take a 20-Second Computer Break

Working with the computer or any other digital screen will hurt your eyes, but it can make them feel tired and dry.

So try to follow the 20/20/20 rule during the work: see every 20 minutes, at least 20 feet (about 6 meters) farther for at least 20 seconds.

Also, place your screen 25 inches (about 60 centimeters) away from the eye and slightly below eye level. 

Always Wear Sunglasses

Ultraviolet radiation can damage your eyes as well as your skin. The effects of this radiation on the eyes can cause problems such as cataracts, corneal problems and even eyelid cancer.

Whenever you’re outside — even on cloudy days — wear sunglasses or contacts that block 99% to 100% of UV-A and UV-B rays. Protective lenses don’t have to be expensive, just check the label. Hats block exposure, too. Snow, water, sand, and concrete all can reflect UV rays.

Use Safety Glasses at Work and Play

When a work project may damage your remnants, you may want to use safety glasses. Protective goggles can usually reduce 90% of potential eye damage. Glasses of these glasses should be made of polycarbonate plastic, which is 10 times more resistant than other materials. Some sports with the most injuries are baseball/softball, racket sports, lacrosse, and basketball.

Use healthy foods that are good for your eyes

Foods that help the blood circulation are also good for your heart, eyes and eyes. Include healthy foods such as citrus mushrooms, dark green leafy vegetables and whole grains in your diet plan.

Foods rich in zinc — beans, peas, peanuts, oysters, lean red meat, and poultry — can help eyes resist light damage. And carrots do help eyesight: The vitamin A in them is important for good vision. Other nutrients that help eyes include beta-carotene (found in many yellow or orange fruits and veggies), and lutein and zeaxanthin (found in leafy greens and colorful produce).

Don’t Ignore Eye Problems

If your eyes are itchy or red, soothe them with cool compresses, antihistamines or appropriate drops.

If you feel that there is an external sign in your eyes, first rinse it with clean water. If symptoms persist, or if you have eye pain, secretion, swelling, light sensitivity, or any other abnormal symptoms, you should check with your doctor.

Clean the Contact lenses before use

If you are using a suitable medical or colored lens, be sure to clean it properly and use it properly before use. Lenses, if not of good quality or with good maintenance conditions, can be a source of contamination for the eyes and cause various problems, such as eye infection, corneal ulcer, and so on.

Read the labels and brochures for the medicines you take for the eye

Be sure to note the information related to the contraindication of drugs as well as the expiry date.

Throw Away Old Eye Makeup (mascara, pencils, eyeliners, and eye shadow)

Never use cheap quality makeup because of the cheap price. Because if you experience eye problems due to the use of these materials, the cost of treatment will be much higher, as well as some of the problems encountered are irreparable.

Get Regular Eye Exams

Even if you have a good vision and do not use glasses, it is best to check your health at least once a year to help you take the necessary action in case of a problem.

Collected by
Dr. Sara Bakhshaei

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Dr Sara Bakhshaei ParsiTeb Company Researcher
Dr Sara Bakhshaei is a PhD. graduate Agroecologist from the Ferdowsi University of Mashhad. She has done researches in some agricultural and health fields such as Plant Ecology, Agroecology, Data Analysis, Crop production, LCA and Pharmaceutical effects of medicinal plants. She completed her researches as an Internship period in IFF institute(Institute of Social Ecology) in Vienna, Austria. Since 2016 she works as a senior researcher at Parsiteb herbal pharmaceutical company. She has 8 years of work experience as a university lecturer in Iran and published more than 100 articles in her research fields. Now she continues her study in the field of Phytomedicine at the Boku University of Vienna.

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