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Herpes treatment in traditional medicine

If you suffer from herpes, it is a good idea to use herbal medicine and traditional medicine. Herpes is a small red blister which usually appears on the outer corners of the lips and most of the time it is full of a watery liquid. It usually disappears after 7- 10 days. It mostly become visible on the lips, it sometimes can be seen on the nostrils, chin, fingers and genitals. Rarely, it may happen inside the mouth, but generally it appears on the palate and gums.

Main causes of the herpes:

Some types of viruses can cause this problem on the face and genitals. This virus is transmitted if you contact with someone who suffers from this virus or if you use personal objects of the patient, such as dish, towels and blade. When someone is infected by this virus,  the virus hides itself in his nervous cells of skin and it may appear again in the previous place or near it in the future. In this case the patient feels itching or swelling.

Ways of preventing herpes:

It is suggested not to kiss and touch someone who is infected by this virus and not to use common objects with the infected person. Washing hands is very important. All mentioned factors are effective in herpes transmission. Also someone who suffers with herpes must avoid exposure to the sunlight.

Treatment in traditional medicine:

Mint oil consumption prevents from herpes and it could be used in both of edible and rubbing form. Rubbing topically some melissa extract on the infected area is suggested. It is helpful to wash it with the parsley extract or the infusion. Also olive leaf is able to decrease inflammation and pain due to this virus.  Dairy consumption because of high calcium is recommended, for example eating yogurt and buttermilk is effective in improving canker sores.

Fever, stress and exposure to the sunlight may relapse into herpes.


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