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Do you know 5 important things to eat eggs?

eggs : One egg is a 70-calorie bomb that shines like a star for health.

If you are not interested in eating eggs and avoiding eating eggs.

In this article, with five decisive reasons, I encourage you to recycle it, so come along with us

One of the cheapest sources of protein

For ordinary eggs, we spend about 3 cents, which provides six grams of high-quality protein to the body.

Keep in mind, of course, that half of the egg protein is in its yolk.

By taking it at breakfast feel a longer satiety

An egg-based breakfast gives you a longer satiety than meals containing cereals and more.

In fact, eating eggs in this meal will keep hungry hormones at a lower level.

And they have a better sense of lunch than people who have used other food for breakfast.

Keep your eyes protected from harmful light

Eggs are rich in a substance called lutein. Lutein is one of the main components that exists in most areas of the eye.

The benefits of lutein

Lutein protects the eyes against harmful wavelengths of sunlight

The damage of free radicals in the mesh disrupts.

Researchers have argued that taking at least 10 mg of lutein a day has many benefits to the eye.

Lutein also protects the eyes from the blue light from the mobile phone, computer, and so on.

It is noteworthy to recall again that most egg luteins are found in its yolk.

And this point can be very important for people who only eat white!

Lack of cholesterol and heart disease

For several decades, the egg has been accused of crimes that did not commit them!

That is, increasing cholesterol and increasing the risk of heart disease.

Researchers now say that cholesterol in foods such as eggs, shellfish and … are not harmful to health.

Increased muscle mass

Body muscle mass begins to decrease from age 30.

In other words, 

People over the age of 30 lose 3 to 5 percent of their muscle mass every decade.

Losing muscle causes a feeling of weakness, fatigue, and so forth

Increases the risk of a variety of diseases at an older age.

Exercise, especially strength training, helps you maintain some of these muscles,

But enough protein is also very important.

Eggs contain high-quality protein that helps muscle repair after exercise.


Dr. Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri

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