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The nails can be the health clue!

Nails : The nails can be the health clue!

Nails : Studies have shown that some of the nail problems like the nail color, smoothness, roughness, can be a reason of some other health problems.

To reach the health clues, it’s better to follow the secrets of the nails:

NailsPale Nail

Very pale nails can sometimes be a sign of some diseases, including anemia, heart problems, liver disease, and malnutrition.

NailsWhite Nail

If the nail is white with darker around, it could be due to liver problems or hepatitis.

NailsYellow Nail

One of the most common causes of Yellow nails is fungal infections. The nail bed may become thicker and collapse. In rare cases, Yellow nails could be a cause of more serious problem, such as severe thyroid problems, pulmonary disease, diabetes or psoriasis.

NailsBluish Nail

This nail color means that the body does not get enough oxygen, which could be a sign of lung or cardiovascular problems.

NailsRippled Nail

If the surface of the nail is rippled or pitted, it could be a symptom of psoriasis or inflammatory arthritis. In these cases, the skin under the nail may look reddish-brown.

Cracked or Split Nail

NailsThe drying and fragile nails that are frequently cracked are associated with thyroid problems. But cracking with yellowish could be a symptom of fungal infection.

NailsPuffy Nail

If the skin around the nail is red and swollen, it is known as inflammation of the nail, which may be due to lupus or connective tissue disorder. Nail infections can also cause redness and inflammation of the nail.

NailsDark Nail Lines

The dark lines under the nail must be investigated as soon as possible. Because it is often caused by melanoma, which is the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

NailsGnawed Nail

Nail biting may be nothing more than an old habit. In some cases, it is a symptom of permanent anxiety. Sometimes nail biting is associated with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

In general, nails are only part of the health puzzle. Although nails changes occur due to many body problems, these changes are rarely the first symptom. Many nail abnormalities may also not be a cause of diseases. For example, white nails are not necessarily a cause of hepatitis. So if you are worried about the appearance of your nail, Consult your doctor!


Collected by
Dr. Sara Bakhshaei

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