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Skin changes during pregnancy

Skin changes during pregnancy (First part)

Skin changes during pregnancy: How does skin change during pregnancy? Many pregnant women see changes in their skin during pregnancy.

One of these changes can be seen in the form of stains or stretch markings in white or pink on the abdominal and chest areas.

Of course, it should be noted that these changes are not observed in all pregnant women and vary according to the type of skin. Here are some important changes in the skin during pregnancy: 

Stretch marks

Skin changes during pregnancyStretch marks are one of a variety of skin changes that affects about 90 percent of pregnant women. The color of these cracks varies according to the color and type of skin of each individual and varies from white to pink and red.

How to prevent Stretch marks?

Lubricate the skin during pregnancy with vegetable oils, lotions and creams containing vitamins E and alpha hydroxyl acids can be useful twice daily.

The effect of these oils on the prevention of Stretch marks is not fully proven. But there are observations about the use of these oils and the reduction of Stretch marks. 


Skin changes during pregnancyMelasma is referred to brown spots, which may appear on the skin of the face (especially the species and the forehead) in some people. This is due to pigments or pigmentation of the skin.

One of the reasons for the increase in skin pigmentation is the hormones that change during pregnancy, and these hormonal changes will increase the pigmentation of the skin. About 50% of pregnant women experience gestational masks.

To avoid these spots on the skin, you should use sunscreens with SPF greater than 15 and should not be exposed to direct sunlight without a hat with a shield.

Red skin

Skin changes during pregnancyDuring pregnancy, the body produces 50% more blood. This amount of blood circulates more in the body. And as a result, the skin may look rosy.

This skin change, as well as other skin changes during pregnancy, varies according to the skin of each person, and many do not experience this condition.

 Shiny Skin

Skin changes during pregnancyShiny skin during pregnancy is also due to changes in hormones. As noted, changes in hormones on the one hand lead to increased blood levels and, on the other hand, increase the activity of the glandular fat.

Which makes the skin look shiny.As many skin problems during pregnancy cannot be completely prevented. But solutions can reduce its effects. In this case, you can use non-greasy creams and cleansing agents to reduce skin fats.

In the following article we will look at other skin changes during pregnancy.

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