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“Valeriana” a strong sedative

Scientific name: Valeriana officinalis
English name: Valeriana
Family: Valerianaceae

Valeriana or cat herb plant is an aromatic plant with white and pink flowers, which grows wildly in most areas of Iran and around rivers. Its nature is warm and dry and it is a strong sedative.
The root is valuable in treatment of different diseases of the nervous system. Pharmalogical effects of the fresh root is 3 times more than the dry one. The color of valeriana after drying changes into brown. It is aromatic and its taste is bitter, also after drying odour becomes more. The odour is so strong and it is felt by cats even from long distances, It is why that is called cat herb plant. This plant is generally useful for treatment of some problems such as:
Sleep problems and insomnia, depression, migraine headaches, anxiety, paroxysm, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, nervous tics and other disorders of the nervous system.
This decoction heals insomnia and improves sleep quality. So 3-5 grams of it must be infused in boiled water and drunk 2-3 times a day.

Combination of melisa and valeriana decoction is a helpful sedative, this mixture is effective in treatment of menstrual problems and menopause disorders. If you drink 1-5 milliliter valeriana essence or the distillated form, it can be an energy producer. It cures severe pains included low back pain and sciatica. Also it helps to treat hiccoughs.

Combination of lemon verbena and valeriana decoction is very effective to cure sleep problems. Also it helps to somebody who dreams too much or has nightmare. Decoction of the root or its powder is able to heal chronic pains.

It is useful for all patients who have insomnia, anxiety and neurological disease to use valeriana decoction beside of other medications, ofcourse they must consult with a physician. It is important that high dosages could be dangerous for kidneys or addictive. It is forbidden in pregnancy period. It may cause allergy in some people and it is used in some Paprika products such as Paprika psycho digest or Booster of main organs.




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