Dandruff in traditional medicine

Dandruff in traditional medicine as the same as other skin problems such as acne and hives can be symptoms of internal diseases. These symptoms show poor liver function and incapability of the liver indigestion. Due to this incapability, the liver removes waste materials in other ways, one of these ways is the skin. So when the liver removes waste materials from the scalp, it causes dandruff. Malassezia globosa is a fungus present on the scalp and it could be another cause of dandruff. In other words, when the liver problem exists, it makes a suitable condition for Malassezia globosa to grow. These suitable conditions are increased by not having enough sleeping, poor nutrition, allergies and etc.

Treatment in traditional medicine

According to what mentioned, the basic step in long term treatment of dandruff is strengthening and cleansing the liver. If you have problems with constipation, at first try to relieve it. Sometimes that is enough to treat dandruff. It is a good idea to drink flixweed tea once or twice a day.

“Paprika vital organs booster” or “Paprika psycho digest” is able to relieve constipation too.

It is important to avoid eating eggplant, bananas, white rice, lentils, tea, spaghetti, salty cheese, all salty foods, fast foods, and processed meat. Some types of foods affect negatively on liver function. It is helpful not to eat these types of foods, such as fast foods, fatty foods, spicy foods, roasted nuts, soft drinks, sweets and artificial chocolates, sugar, and industrial sauces and oils. It is better not to use industrial and herbal butter. Your oil consumption must be healthy such as olive oil, sesame oil, and Kermanshah oil (kind of folkloric oil in Iran). It is suggested to eat more vegetables and raw foods instead of cooked foods and meat because they improve liver function. It is not good to eat raw food and cooked food together. (such as yogurt, pickles, fruits, and salads with a variety of stews. You can eat raw foods 30 minutes before the main cooked dishes or 3 hours after that.

Another treatment in traditional medicine is bloodletting. It is especially could be a good suggestion for patients who feel itching and inflammation in their head. Also is useful for nearly all people who have a problem with dandruff, and the best type of treatment is the general type. It is necessary to be repeated 3 times in a month.

It is suggested to use “Paprika liver cleanser” for 2 months. It totally cleans the liver and blood.

According to traditional medicine, the people who have warm temperaments will have difficulties with dandruff, so they are recommended to use cold nature food.
Stress and anxiety affect liver function. Therefore mental relaxation is very important. Also using natural and traditional soaps, fresh or powdered wheat sprouts could be effective. It is suggested to use “Paprika 9” to eliminate depression, obsession, stress, and unreasonable worries. Daily exercise improves liver function and treats dandruff.

Herbal treatment¬† with”Ato” herbal shampoo

If you consider to what mentioned above, dandruff will be treated basically. Also if you still feel itchy scalp with unpleasant appearance, it is suggested to use our herbal shampoo which is called “Ato” to treat your hair quickly.


Prevent hair loss, strengthen hair follicles, eliminate the effects of the fungus and dandruff.

How to use:

Wash your hair daily or every other day.

Some plants used in “Ato” herbal shampoo

Terpenes and terpenoids in this plant cause widening of blood vessels, improvement of blood circulation, and hair follicles nourishment. In general, rosemary prevents premature hair loss and dandruff.


It controls dandruff well and due to the presence of Alice, it has antibacterial and antiseptic properties. It increases the blood circulation in capillaries which improves the growth of your hair.


This plant has anti-inflammatory properties and can deal with dandruff. Marigold stimulates hair follicles and encourages them. In addition, it prevents premature aging of hair. If you have scalp infections, you can count on the antibiotic properties of this plant. Also, marigold prevents premature hair loss.

Aloe vera:

Aloe vera plant keeps hair cells PH in moderation. It increases hair growth and makes hair grow healthier and stronger. Aloe vera contains enzymes that stimulate the production and growth of new hair. These enzymes increase blood circulation, thus increase hair follicles nourishment. In fact, aloe vera is known as a magical substance that increases hair growth. Also due to its antibacterial and antifungal quality, it prevents dandruff. It is useful for controlling fungal infections such as ringworm disease too.


Chamomile is useful for oily hair with dandruff. It prevents skin dryness by making amount of water balanced. Chamomile strengthens hair fibers and revitalizes it and minimizes hair damage that occurs as a result of internal diseases. Its noticeable quality is brightening the hair in long term use. Chamomile extract in the herbal shampoo eliminates the sensitivity of the scalp.


It strengthens hair and prevents hair loss. In some cases it makes hair grow again. Following a tough bark of this plant, great medical properties exist. This plant strengthens your hair and makes it beautiful. Romans and ancient Greeks have used this plant to their hair grow faster.

Green tea:

It is a natural conditioner. Because of many nutrients, it improves the growth of your hair and hair nourishment.



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