Detoxify: How to detox your body naturally? (Part 2)

Detoxify: How to detox your body naturally? (Part 2)

Foods that improve the body’s detoxification system

Detoxify: Research shows that many foods play an important role in improving the detoxification of the body. Here are some of the most important foods.

Detoxify: Cruciferous family and green leafy vegetables

The family includes broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts.

Published studies show that the cruciferous family with anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects can improve liver function.

On the other hand, these foods are high in fiber, which increases the excretion of toxins.

Broccoli specifically protects the body against air pollutants. The plant contains enzymes that protect the body from free radicals. 

Detoxify: Lemon

Studies in scientific papers show that lemon can improve liver function and prevent free radical damage to the body. It can also improve digestion and circulation.

Detoxify: Avocado

It contains antioxidants and other nutrients that help detoxify the body.

On the other hand, the fatty acids present in this plant are useful for the protection of D-glucosamine damage and contribute to the detoxification of the liver.

Detoxify: Green tea

This drink also contains antioxidants and prevents the body from inhibiting the activity of free radicals.

Detoxify: Apple

It has pectin. Pectin helps eliminate toxins from the bloodstream and decrease LDL and cholesterol.


Research has shown that garlic increases the ability to detoxify the body and protects cellular DNA.

Detoxify: Chlorella

Considering the positive effects of Chlorella on the body, from mood improvement to cardiac function, some of these bright green algae are considered as an amazing food.

It has been shown that Cholera is effective for depression and anxiety, weight loss, and low cholesterol and LDL. It also reduces liver inflammation.


This traditional spice has anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antioxidant, antiseptic, radioactive protection and digestive enhancement and increases the ability of the liver to filter the body against contamination.


This plant is also rich in antioxidants.

Scientific studies suggest that beets water can enhance liver enzymes and help detoxify them.

Detoxify: Blueberries

In addition to its deliciousness, it is a source of antioxidants.

Research has shown that blueberry can be effective in lowering blood pressure, boosting vascular health, fighting cancer, protecting the lungs, and preventing Alzheimer’s.

It also increases the activity of white blood cells and protects the body against cancer cells.


Some plants can attach to heavy metals and help your body repel them. These plants are known as “chelators”, one of which is coriander!

Studies have shown that this plant can increase mercury repellency and reduce lead absorption.


Many people use ginger as a digestive enhancer. Since intestines play a very important role in eliminating toxins, ginger can help increase your body’s ability to process food and eliminate toxins.

It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects due to the presence of antioxidants.

Reference: Foodrevolution

Collected by: Dr. Sara Bakhshaei

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Dr Sara Bakhshaei ParsiTeb Company Researcher
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