Diseases that cause dry skin and their treatment with herbal medicines

Diseases that cause dry skin and their treatment with herbal medicines

Dry skin: Having some diseases causes dry skin, which causes problems for people.

Because they also have to seek medical treatment and, in many cases, the use of chemical medicine to treat their illness and to relieve dry skin.

In addition to introducing diseases that cause dry skin, this paper tries to provide solutions to the herbal treatment of these diseases in order to prevent the occurrence of side effects of the use of chemical medicine,

Also, the dry skin condition is either cured or even prevented from getting it, and thus patients can enjoy a healthy life and longevity.


Blood glucose leads to rapid loss of fluid in the body, resulting in loss of moisture in the skin.

Also, the process of body sweating is impaired and moisture is reduced.

One of the reasons for diabetes is liver problems.

In liver problems, increased fat intake to the liver (insulin resistance) occurs.

That patients suffering from the disease are forced to use appropriate diets or to take chemical drugs with side effects.

Herbal treatment

In the past, the use of medicinal herbs in the treatment of patients with type 2 diabetes was the primary treatment of this disease and is nowadays considered as alternative medicine.

Shelliver (seven medicinal plants distilled)

Shelliver seven medicinal plants distilled,improving the fatty liver problems. with

  • By preventing the entry of fatty acids into the liver cells
  • Increase fat metabolism inside the liver cells
  • Prevent fat accumulation in this organ

It reduces insulin resistance and cures diabetes.

Also, considering that Shelliver is one of the herbs containing antioxidant compounds, these compounds

  • By reducing blood glucose levels
  • And storage of glucose to glycogen
  • They ultimately lead to blood sugar control.

medicinal plants distilled to treat Diabetes

One of the causes of increased blood sugar levels is due to pancreatic degeneration and insufficiency of insulin secretion.

The plant compounds used in this distillate increase

The growth of beta cells in the pancreas by rebuilding these cells.

It also increases the resistance of the body to free radicals and prevents the destruction of the pancreas due to its antioxidant compounds.

Due to the presence of anthocyanin-rich herbs,

This distillate reduces and inhibits the activity of the α-glucosidase enzyme.

Due to the fact that inhibiting this enzyme inhibits the hydrolysis of carbohydrates

Consequently, it reduces blood glucose concentration.

Cardi-Ay  (seventeen plants distilled )

The herbal compounds in this distilled form prevent the onset of diabetesby reducing the accumulation of lipid and oxidation of mitochondrial fatty acids.

2- Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic and recurring disease on the skin. The symptoms are dry skin.

The treatment is very simple and without the side effects of this disease is the use of herbal distillates.

Herbal treatment

The effect of silymarin for improvement of psoriasis due to the elimination of unwanted metabolites of body cells

Especially the liver as well as inhibition of the cycle cAMP and inhibiting the synthesis of Leukotrienes.

kidney disease

Symptoms such as:

  • lack of focus on doing things,
  • Sleeping problems,
  • Swelling of the body,
  • Frequent dying and
  • Dry skin are a common symptom of the disease.

When the kidneys do not work well,

They can not adjust the level of minerals in the blood, which causes skin dryness.

  • The skin loses its refinement and delicacy
  • The condition is brittle and is subject to extensive or limited scratches.

Herbal treatment

Ato Restoration Herbal Cream (to treat dry skins problems)

  • Antioxidant
  • Aanti-inflammatory
  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-carcinogenic effects of the compounds in Ato cream

reduce itching of the skin.

Also, the olive oil and castor oil in the Ato cream easily penetrates to the layers of the skin and then can absorb water and maintain it for a long time

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