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Healthy Foods and Nutrients Every Woman Should Add to Her Diet

Healthy Foods for Woman : Healthy Foods for Woman and Nutrients Every Woman Should Add to Her Diet (part I)

Healthy Foods for Woman : So what is the best way for women to eat? Unfortunately, there’s still no single right answer to this question. Figuring out what’s best for you can be really confusing, especially with all the back and forth.

Some sources will tell you to wean yourself off carbs, while others claim fat is the enemy.

Some advice claims you should always take a multivitamin, while others say they’re useless.

And if you looked to photos of women for help, well… Stock photos make it seem like all we eat is salad.

 The diseases that cause death in women

Diseases such as

Heart disease,

Breast cancer,


And Alzheimer’s constitute some of the leading causes of death in women

and while diet may not prevent these ailments entirely

Healthy Foods for Woman , can definitely make a difference in minimizing your risk.

Eat colorful fruits

Healthy Foods for Woman such as Eat colorful fruits and vegetables, plus must-have nutrients.

From watermelons to pineapples, there’s a rainbow of potent foods proven to help your heart.

Read on to find out what’s worth stocking up on.


Some women go so far as to advocate for a banana with every breakfast .

Bananas are potassium-rich and naturally sweet.

But they also combat depression better than some antidepressants.


They’re packed with protein, loaded with fiber, and have even been shown to help prevent breast cancer.

Beans can also keep your heart healthy,

Lower your cholesterol,

And increase your intake of vital nutrients such as iron and vitamin B.

Many women are deficient in both of these nutrients,

So adding more beans to your diet is undeniably a good call.


Blueberries are brimming with antioxidants,

Which can help fight aging,

Preserve memory,

And keep blood vessels flowing with ease.

They’re fibrous, naturally sweet, and easy to eat more of.

They also prevent urinary tract infections.

Eat them plain, buy them frozen to mix into yogurt or oatmeal, or bake something with them.


Bread is really good for you,

Especially when you buy the whole-grain version.

Whole-grain bread contains fiber,

Which may lessen your breast cancer risk by reducing high estrogen levels in the blood.


Collected by
Dr. Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri


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