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How can you have a good life?

Everyone wants to have a good life, but many of us can’t seem to reach that goal. How can you have a good life? These are some ideas on how to achieve that desire:

Decide that you really want a good life. Many of say we want a good life, but we don’t really decide to have a good life. You have to decide to make a good life for yourself; not just hope that you do. It’s
 a lot of work to make your life what you want it to be, but it is worth all the effort.

Know what you want to do. Sometimes we take jobs just to have a job; sometimes we make important life choices in the same way. You date someone, think you’d like to be married, and marry that person before you explore all your feelings and options. You have to decide what you want to do, both in your personal and professional life. This can be difficult as sometimes we choose that which is current in our lives, over what we really want it to be. The status quo can be a lot easier than questioning who we are, what we are really suited for, and what we really want. Knowing what you want to do takes a lot of self-examination and honesty.

Make a plan. When you have decided how you want your life to be, make a time schedule for achieving your life goals. You need definite steps in the plan that will make it possible for you to reach your desires. Ask yourself, “What do I have to do to get there?” Make a plan that is achievable. If the plan is too grandiose, you won’t reach your goal. You must be practical when making plans that will work for you.

Boundaries. Sometimes we have a plan, but we either get distracted or let others talk us out of it. You must set boundaries for yourself and for others in your life. If you have a good plan, follow it step by step. If you get easily distracted, eliminate the things that distract you. If people tell you your plan is not good, or that you will be sorry if you follow it, you must tell them that you don’t want to hear negative things about your plan. Putting these boundaries in place will help you stay focused and carry out your goals.
Don’t quit. There will be times while you are following your plan for a good life when you make a bad choice or get discouraged at your apparent lack of progress. The important thing is to get back to following
 your plan. You may find that you need to change something in your plan because it is not realistic, so change it. Altering some steps in the plan doesn’t mean that it is a bad plan or that you won’t achieve your goals. No plan is perfect and as you go through life, you may find things that just won’t work for you. It is crucial for you to keep on going toward your achievement of a good life for yourself.

Reward yourself. Everyone needs encouragement and support. You are no different. If you have supportive people in your life, they will provide the support you need to keep following your plan to have a good life. If you can’t rely on encouragement from the people around you, you have to reward yourself. For each step you reach, give yourself something that makes you happy. Attend a sports event or a ballet or anything you like to do. Buy a new shirt or blouse; do something that rewards your perseverance and dedication. You deserve a reward for all your efforts. Just looking back on your plan and acknowledging all you have achieved may be reward enough for you. Whatever it is, just make sure you feel rewarded as you reach your goals, one by one.

If you follow your plan for a good life, you will experience contentment and less stress as you go on. When you achieve your goal of a good life for yourself, you will know it and feel it. All your efforts will be worth it.

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