Skin Benefits of Maracuja Oil

Skin Benefits of Maracuja Oil

Maracuja Oil : A trending ingredientin skin care products is maracuja oil, a lightweight face oil and skincareproduct ingredient sourced from the seeds of the passion fruit (Passifloraedulis).


Stems up to 15 mlong, striate,with axillary simple tendrils upto 10 cm long. 

Leaves alternate, up to 13 × 15 cm, more or lessdeeply 3-lobed, slightly leathery, glossygreen or yellow-green above.

Naturalised distribution

Locations within which Passiflora edulis is naturalised includ

  • southern Australia, 
  • southern Africa,
  • New Zealand, 
  • south-eastern USA 
  • and some oceanic islands with warm climates.


Maracuja oil contains:

72.6 % linoleic acid, which isan omega – 6 fatty acid. 

 The best sources of linoleic acid on earth. 

Linoleic acid, an omega – 6 is essential fatty acid which is required by thebody.


Maracuja oil for Dry Skin

Maracuja oil is a nice emollient.

  •  It can be applied on the skin to keep ithydrated.
  •  It moistens the skin andfeels quite light. 
  • For large areas of skin.

Maracuja oil for Itching

Relieves itching on the skin.

Treat sun damaged sun

The nutrients in maracuja oil, especially if it contains lycopene can aid the skin in recovering from sun induced damage.


Scavenges free radicals, thus preventing our tissues from damage by theseentities.

Relieves anxiety

Maracuja oil may possess anxiolytic ( anxiety reducing ) effects.

This may be more pronounced in the oil that comes from passion flower seeds.


 Reduce bronchial spasms and asthma. 


 Cough suppressant


Relieve anxiety

Reference: causebox

collected by : Dr. Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri

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