Natural wart removal recipes
Natural wart removal recipes

Natural wart removal recipes

home wart removal

Natural wart removal recipes are as effective as expensive, over the counter medications. What’s the difference? Natural wart removal is cheap, available, and natural.

We tend to view warts as something bad, something we need to hide. There is no reason for this, as 4 out of 10 people will experience this problem in their lifetime.

What causes warts?

Warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). There are numerous kinds of warts this virus causes, ranging from vaginal warts, plantar (foot wart), hand warts to face warts… This viral infection can spread from one part of the body to other, but usually not by contact with other people.

Human Papilloma Virus easily penetrates the skin through cuts. At risk are people who walk barefoot or somehow get exposed to the virus.

How do they look like?  In this picture of plantar wart, you can see a typical look of a wart. It looks like a cauliflower, it is rough and has a pinkish/red spot that are actually capillaries that nourish that wart. If they are not treated, they spread in clusters.

Natural wart removal

There are many over the counter medications able to treat warts. One of those is a use of salycilic acid that is applied topically on the affected spot.

Cryotherapy is also used by podiatrist in plantar wart treatment. It freezes the spot with sodium nitrite that destroys the virus and allows the wart to fall off.

Natural wart removal – home remedies

First off, I would like to discourage you from something I find extremely bizarre and that I have heard of many times as of a popular home wart tip: silk thread and bare hands. What do I mean?

Someone actually told me they tie a silver thread around the wart, as tight as they can. They let it swivel for a couple of days and then use a nail file to remove it. Ouch! I have not tried this, nor do I plan as it sounds awfully painful and infection friendly.

Second thing, using your fingertips to pinch and twist the wart at its base. Once again ouch! and really, why would you expose yourself to this much pain when there are easier ways and things that could be used as wart removers?

Lets see what kind of natural wart removal options are available:

Tea tree oil wart treatment

Tea tree oil has a multitude of good uses, one of them certainly is in treating warts. It is an antiseptic that prevents any possible infections that might arise, and almost immediately soothes the skin and clears out the ongoing infection.For this, you need good quality tea tree oil. Use a cotton pad to dab the spot twice a day. The warts usually disappear in a week time or so. Duct tape wart removal

The famous duct tape remedy!Cut a piece of duct-tape and place it on the wart. Replace it daily. What it probably does to the wart, is that it creates warm environment that soften the skin, and make it possible to remove the wart. Peel the tape gently and apply until the wart is gone.

Garlic wart treatment

Not only can garlic be used as a hair loss remedy, it is also very good as a wart cure.It is as simple as this: peel and cut a clove in half. Rub the spot several times a day.


Rub the spot with banana peel and then use a duct tape to attach the banana peel to the spot. Leave it on overnight.

Apple vinegar

Dip cotton ball in vinegar and attach it to the spot with tape or band aid. Leave on overnight and you should notice the wart disappear in a week or so.This could be also done with alcohol or lime juice, they work the same way.

Our reader, Anne-Marie, sent us a wart-remedy that uses a Thuja tree cream and lemon essential oil for best effects. Our reader Tooma who was so nice to send us a yeast facial mask for oily skin, sent us yet another recipe 🙂

Onion natural wart treatment

I remember when I was about 8 years old a wart started growing under my toe nail and every night mum used items from the kitchen to help in removing the wart away.
This recipes is proven 100% as it was tested on me so I definitely know that it works.


1 onion
vinegar (you can use any kind, preferably white vinegar)


Slice the onion so that you get small round slices. Fill an empty bowl with vinegar and place the onion slices in it for more than 6-12 hours. You then take out the onion slice and place it on the affected area and cover it with duct tape or any kind of bandage which will seal it all over so that it wouldn’t have any vents.

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