What is square oil?

square oil : Square oil is an amplifier oil, eyebrows and eyelashes with a temperate nature.

What are the constituents of square oil?

This product is a combination of several natural oils based on fish oil.

Which is derived from reliable plant sources and due to the shortcomings that the skin heals in the shedding of hair.

Properties of square oil (the Best Hair Growth Oil)

The most specialized combination of oil for hair follicles, eyelashes, eyebrows and regenerative hair shaving, dry and fragile.

Suitable for people with oily skin and hair loss due to the use of most oils.

The composition of this compound oil is modified,

Consequently, it does not cause inflammation and allergy for people who are warm.

How to use square oil for hair?

In the middle of the night, comb the hair to make the skin, scalp stimulated and increase the absorption of oil,

Then fill the oil to the bottom and then cover the head (for example, with a hat or scarf).

Let oil to stay on your head until morning,

then Wash your head with a gentle,

natural shampoo in the morning (normal shampoos, due to excessive power,

will damage the hair’s structure and result in the loss of oil properties).

Tip 1: If you can’t do it every night, do it twice a week.

Tip 2: If you can’t hold oil overnight, stay at least four hours a day, then rinse.

How to use square oil for eyelashes:

Rub off the mascara (washed) or the eyeliner every night before you go to bed.

In the morning after waking up, wash your face with water and poorly wash your skin properly.

Or apply the oil in the same manner over the day and do not wash the oil for at least 4 hours.

Volume of oil consumption for strengthening the eyebrows and eyelashes:

30 cc

Volume of oil consumption for strengthening the hair:

60 cc

Pay attention :

If you have problems like hair loss, dandruff, itching, and so on

Before preparing and using oils, be sure to consult with a qualified doctor

Or contact us to find out the main causes of the disease, then, depending on the type of temperament and disease, the oil is selected.

If you have hair loss and have a lot of hair that is sometimes the cause of this problem, it is the same fate that is too much hair.

It is recommended that you try to treat hair loss and strengthen your hair other than using oil.

And after a period of treatment, you will be allowed to use oil to strengthen and rejuvenate the hair.

The final point: Remember that if you do not use a shampoo or a gentle, gentle cleanser to wash your hair, you will eliminate the results of the use of hair regenerating oil!

Because the chemicals and rocks in the cheap shampoos have far more rapid and destructive effects on the building.

The hair will leave the hair, so using the mild detergent and good for your hair effects of these oils

Keep herbal and healing.

Collected by
Dr. Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri

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Dr Afsane Ghafuri
My name is Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri I have PhD degree in Agroecology from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. I have over 8 years of experience working in agricultural science as Medicinal Plants scientist. Currently, I work as a Senior Researcher (R&D) at Parsi Teb Herbal Pharmaceutical Company since 2017. I have written more than 100 articles on medicinal plants and their application in traditional medicine. Teaching experience for 8 years in the field of medicinal plants.

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