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take care your heart

For those of you who want to be healthy but still fun, there is now a new sport that combines the style of hip hop style of young people with a heart-healthy exercise. Exercise called ‘Hip-Heart’ was deliberately created to prevent young children exposed to the risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular disease.

“The focus of prevention of heart disease is now aimed at young people, because in the age group of healthy lifestyles remajalah or unhealthy are usually formed. The youth now are smoking more, not eating properly, lack of exercise and more sit or play the computer,” said Laksmiati A. Hanafi, head of Indonesian Heart Foundation in the Pan Asian seminar held Cepheus Study in Gren Melia Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (16/11/2009).

Sports ‘Hip-Heart’ itself is now often found in schools as a form of extracurricular activities outside. “We want more healthy teenagers with more moving and doing sports or exercise. But because gymnastics is usually boring, so we made the movements taken from the hip-hop style that later adapted by scholars with a heart-healthy move,” Laksmiawati said.

Today, sports ‘Hip-Heart’ are mostly found in schools in Jakarta. “In Jakarta alone, there are 40 to 50 schools that have implemented this sport, one in the school of Al-Izhar Pondok Labu. In the future we want menyosialisasikannya to various areas, such as Surabaya, Makassar and others,” he explained.

According to Laksmiati, heart disease has now spread to many young people, particularly women. “In the past, myth that heart disease is a male disease because his habits are less healthy than women. But now, the trend globally is a disease of women. Perhaps because women today are smoking more, drinking alcohol, and stress due to job as a career woman, “said Laksmiati.

While Susan Bachtiar which is the icon of the Indonesian Heart Foundation said, he believes that the key to preventing heart disease is to apply a healthy diet and exercise routine.

“I began to realize and actually implementing a healthy lifestyle since the age of 30 years. I exercise almost an hour every day and eat 5 times a day. But I only eat rice once, it was brown rice,” says the woman who still looks beautiful and fresh in his old age was 36 years.

“This morning I only drink milk, eat cookies 10 hours, 1 hour eating rice and side dishes, 4 hours snacking fruit or biscuits again and that night I banyakin fruit and drink milk again. To exercise, generally one hour every day of my fitness and weekends combined with yoga, “said Susan.

By running such a diet, she admitted her blood cholesterol became more healthy and maintained normal body stay fit and the risk of heart disease went away. Dr Djoko Maryono, SpPD, SpJP, FIHA, PHASE Medistra hospital, Jakarta who attended the seminar also added, “For a young child to eat the fish multiply and stay away from salty foods like chiki-chikian,” he advised.

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