Alzheimer in traditional medicine

Alzheimer in traditional medicine

Brain is one of the main organs of the body and the central parts of feelings and movements. According to traditional medicine, the brain’s temperament is cold and wet. If it doesn’t have this temperament, due to information processing, it will be warmer and drier.

Alzheimer in traditional medicine can be caused by dominance of one temperament.  In this article we explain Alzheimer, which caused due to a cold and wet temperament. (Phlegmatic temperament)

Brain’s temperament is cold and wet and if amount of normal coldness increases, that person will have difficulties in understanding and analysis. In this case, the patient has information but he can’t link different information together. Whenever coldness increases in the mind and it becomes dry, it causes Alzheimer or amnesia, which refers to an inability to recall information that is stored in memory and the patient forget all the information suddenly. For example patient forgets his address, phone number and his family member’s name.

 Depending on the part of brain that involves, frontal lobe or parietal lobe, type of forgetfulness varies and if coldness and wetness increase in one temperament cause Alzheimer.

Avoid consumption of these edibles:

In order to prevent from Alzheimer you must avoid consumption of cold nature foods such as dairies, sour foods and fruits, pickled, white rice, beef, coffee and tea

Herbal treatment by “Parsiteb” co:

In order to control Alzheimer, to balance amount of phlegm humor in the brain, it is suggested to use “Paprika 5”, when no constipation exists. This product is made of number of plants with warm and dry nature. It strengthen memory and brain.

Phlegm cleanser

In order to control Alzheimer, in the cases with constipation, it is suggested to use “Paprika psycho digest” or “Booster of main organs”. This combination is able to encourage functions of vital organs of the body such as the brain, heart, liver, uterus, ovaries and testicles.

Booster of main organs _ 9Plants2


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