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Sleep : Why does we need enough sleep?

Sleep : Do you have enough concentration? Or do you have trouble in learning?

More concentration

SleepDoctors are often associated this problem with enough sleep. There is a strong relationship between Sleep and the brain cells.  Adequate sleep increase your concentration and learning ability.

Less accidents

Sleepy drivers cause many accidents. Additionally, lack of sleep, in addition to reducing focus, can increase stress and aggression, which is one of the most important causes of accidents while driving.

Better mood 

Sleephaving not enough sleep during a night, cause feel dissatisfied and unpleasant of life. Try to have a good sleep, and if you have sleep disorder, talk to your doctor.

Healthier heart 

If you sleep less than 6 hours a night, you may have a heart problem in the future. Less Sleep increases blood pressure, adrenaline and stress, which is harmful to the heart.

Better memory

SleepThe brain’s continuous activity decreases its function. If you do not sleep well, your mind will not be able to communicate between what you have to remember and what you should remember, and so you will not be able to have a good memory.

less chance of having diabetes

Less sleeping overnight, especially if it is less than 5 hours, causes the body to not use glucose as a fuel, which increases the chance of getting diabetes. 

Less wrinkle

sleepIf you do not have enough sleep, your face and body will start to wrinkle, because insufficient resting of the body increases cortisol hormone, which is a hormone of stress and it can eliminate collagen of the skin.

Losing weight

Your body needs sleep an average 8 hours a day to keep the percentage of body’d fat  ideal. If you sleep less than 6 hours a day, the body stores more lipids. It produces more insulin, which increase weight.

More life with enough sleep

Studies have shown that people who have a good sleep have longer life. Of course, many factors contribute to this fact, but sleep is an important factor in regulating the activity of many organs of the body.

Less getting cold

sleepSufficient sleep produces adequate antibodies in the body, making the body more resistant and more effective against pathogens. Therefore, people who sleep well are less getting cold.

How much does your body need sleep?

The amount of sleep needs depends on the age, sex, and physical condition of each individual.

On average:

Children at school age: More than 10 hours a day

Teens 9-10 hours a day

Adults 7-8 hours a day

How to sleep better?

sleepIf you are having sleep disorders, drinking a relaxing drink before bed can help you a lot. Also squeeze exercise during the day in your program. Do not eat heavy meals right before bed and keep your bedroom’s temperature cool and comfortable.

Collected by
Dr. Sara Bakhshaei

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