Efficacy of Ato seven plants shampoo base on medicinal plant against head lice

Efficacy of Ato seven plants shampoo base on medicinal plant against head lice

Head lice: Head lice infestation (or pediculosis) is an important public health problem in Iran, especially in children between the ages 5 and 11 years.

Head lice resistance is increasing, chemical pediculicides have lost their efficacy, and, therefore, alternative pediculicides such as herbal shampoos have been proposed to treat head lice infestation.

Ato seven plants shampoo

Ato seven plants herbal shampoo against lice is a product that is in addition to controlling and eliminating dandruff

And the fungus has had very interesting results in the elimination of  lice in children and adults.

Control of hair loss and dandruff

Initially, Ato seven plants herbal shampoo in order Control of hair loss and dandruff to the market,

Ato shampoo anti lice

But after some time some consumers have said that this product

the advancement of the process of head lice cure is very effective as far as some

Users of social networks instead of Ato seven plants herbal shampoo, named it ato shampoo anti lice.

Why is Ato herbal shampoo effective against lice?

Quality of Plants:

It is clear that each medicinal herb for the treatment of diseases are very different

And they are used by plants of high quality and healthy

So the actual amount of plant material that is used in a product will produce a complete,

And sometimes more than expected, consumer.

High dry matter in extracts

Dry matter of the extracts Ato herbal products are 2 to 3 times more similar products.

The role of herbs used in Ato seven plants herbal shampoo against lice

Urtica dioica

Excessive use of it eliminates eczema, treatment of

  • headache problems (inflammation and dandruff),
  • inflammation,
  • head lice and
  • ulcers.

Matricaria chamomilla

  • Prevents and heals infections.
  • Using this herbal medicine is important for the health of your skin and hair
  • To treat lice
  • Chamomile also pours into the scalp and thus reduces inflammation and itchiness.

Camellia sinensis

Using this plant for two months on the head causes the loss of lice.

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