effect of medicinal plants on depression

Depression and medicinal plants

Overcome your depression with medicinal plants

depressionAntidepressant medications are used to treat different kinds of depression, but the treatment takes along time and it always makes most of the users of these medications unsatisfied about the side effects. Although according to the extensive researches on antidepression and sedative characteristics of medicinal plants, some effective medicinal plants with the fewest side effects are presented to the international markets, maybe these medicinal plants have some minor side effects too. So pay attention after reading this text you must not quite your medications which are recommended by your physician. But it would be possible to replace your medications with the herbal medications after consulting with your physician. Now we introduce some effective medicinal plants for treatment of depression:

Common name: Valeriana
Scientific name: Valeriana officinalis

ValerianaIt is one of the oldest medicinal plants which is used in Iran and all around the world in pharmaceutical, Nutritional and cosmetic products. Valeriana grows in some forests which have few trees beside of streams and holes. Valeriana root is used as a medication and the plant should always have more than 3 years. The color of Valeriana after drying changes into brown. It is aromatic and its taste is bitter, also after drying odour becomes more. The odour is so strong and it is felt by cats even from long distances, It is why that is called cat herb plant.
Effect of fresh root in valeriana is 3 times more than the dry one. The plant must be dried by low heat because high heat disappears all medicational effects. Pain relieving effects is one of the most important properties of this plant. Valeriana has an antiparoxysm characteristic and it is useful for treatment of paroxysm and neurotic problems. It widely decreases stress and anxiety. This plant could be a good replacement for pain sedative pills and other medications.
At first grind 2-4 grams of valeriana, then pour it in a glass of boiled water. After that keep it stable and immovable for about 30 minutes to infuse. Then screen it and drink 3 times a day, each time about one cup. This decoction heals all neurotic problems, dizzy and nightly fear of children. It is a suitable relaxing beverage for a busy-minded person.

Common name: Saffron
Scientific name: Crocus sativus

saffronIt is an endemic plant of different region of Asia, specially south west of Asia, south of Europe and spain. In this plant the end of style and stigma are used, which are known in the commercial market as saffron.
The plant contains fatty substances, minerals, mucilage and many essences. The color of saffron is related to its crocine. Healing depression, is the most important characteristic of saffron which have been noticeable from the past. It has a strong odour and bitter taste that stimulates nerves and has a hypnotic and relaxing effects. If you want to be always glad and joyful, you should use saffron.
Keep saffron in a closed bottle and keep away from the light, because it will lose the odour and color exposed to light. Saffron essences evaporates easily so if be kept in inappropriate condition, essences will evaporate during the time. It decreases medicational effects, taste and quality. Aromatic substances of saffron in the form of powder evaporates faster than other forms, so you should not powder the plant until the time you want to use it, and if powder, you ought to keep it in a closed bottle. Saffron has some bad effects on the sexual system, so pregnants women must prevent from highly using of saffron. Also highly eating of this plant is harmful for kidneys and decreases appetite.

Common name: Perforate st John’ s- wort
Scientific name: Hypericum perforatum

Perforate st John’ s- wortToday, it is one of the best herbal medications which has antidepressant effect and some other valuable properties. Antiquity of this plant dates back to more than 2 thousand years ago, when it was used as the best neurotic medication around the world.
Now, more than 50 pharmaceutical factories all over the globe produce antidepressant medications by perforate st John’s- wort. The late flowers on the branches or dry plant are the portions that are used. It affects on healing some minor neurotical exhaustion. Its property in healing the depression has been proved. The effective substance in this plant is hypericin. It is possible to infuse and prepare it like tea and drink.


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