Do you know that with proper decoration design you can keep stress away from you? (Part II)

Stress and Anxiety : Do you know that with proper decoration design you can keep stress away from you? (Part II)

Stress and Anxiety : In the previous article, a few simple solutions to interior decoration design that increase joy. This article will introduce you to other simple ideas for reducing stress and anxiety.

Use green plants to design your home

According to researchers, plants bring life and energy for the home.

And like this, we have brought nature to the house.

Especially for those who suffer from stress and anxiety, it’s better to have a design house like spring and summer, not fall and winter.

Recent research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology has shown that:

The plants in the house have direct connection with the reduction of anxiety, fatigue and increased levels of creativity.

Lightening the brightness in the bedroom

Lowering the lighting fixtures in the bedroom can help you sleep, which is essential for the treatment of depression.

Another solution is to keep the phone away from the bedside. Because you have to keep your mind relaxed and stress free.

Children‘s bedroom is brighter !!!!

Keep in mind, however, that children’s bedroom is not just a place to sleep, unlike parents

But the children’s school work and homework is done in their bedroom

So you have the right light. And even for the children, choose the lighting room.

Home arrangement

The unevenness of the home can cause stress and anxiety.

Try to keep the space clean and tidy regularly and remove unnecessary items regularly.

Properly designed home entrance

Entry into the home is a path to positive energy.

The entrance door should be lit and also have a good ventilation.

The entrance door should open 90 degrees and there should be no obstacles to opening.

To increase the joy and joy you can use green plants with colorful pots at the entrance of the house.


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Dr. Afsaneh Aminghafouri

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