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The health benefits of persimmon

There are a number of foods that exist that have some really helpful health benefits for those who eat them. Many times these foods are various kinds of fruits and vegetables, but there are certainly others that exhibit these medicinal properties as well. In the United States right now, people are becoming much more conscious of the kinds of foods they are eating and are trying to cut back on the more dangerous things they consume. People are trading in their fast food burgers, tacos and pizzas for things like fresh fruits and vegetables. One fruit that has some health benefits that most people do not even know exists is called a persimmon.

The persimmon is a multipurpose fruit which can either be consumed cooked or eaten raw. Like other fruits, this particular type has a number of different health benefits. For one thing, it is loaded with fiber as well as lots of vitamin A. It also contains a decent amount of carbohydrates and natural sugars, plus it does not contain any fats whatsoever. This fruit also contains a couple of components, shibuol and betulinic acid, which are supposed to work at helping to prevent cancer. Studies have shown that the peel of the fruit contain phytochemicals that can help protect cells from age related damage.

Other health benefits of this raw fruit include things like treating constipation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids and even to help stop bleeding. In addition to the beneficial medical properties of the persimmon fruit, they are also starting to gain popularity in the culinary world. More and more restaurants, especially the classier ones, are starting to use this fruit in their food. Raw slices of the fruit have been added to salads or pulverized into various things like jellies or smoothies. Sometimes the pureed fruit is even added as a flavoring agent to various types of yogurt.

Even though the persimmon fruit has a number of beneficial health properties, there is also one downside that you should be warned about. Due to the fruit containing shibuol, the fruit could possibly react in the stomach in such a way that a gummy and sticky substance may form. This substance could create an obstruction in the stomach, called a bezoar, and if it does, surgery may be required to remove it. To help avoid this predicament from eating this otherwise helpful fruit, be sure to only eat it on a full stomach. Crabmeat should also be avoided when eating this fruit as this type of meat is more likely to increase the chance of a bezoar forming.


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