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Efficacy of Ato seven plants shampoo base on medicinal plant against head lice

Head lice: Head lice infestation (or pediculosis) is an important public health problem in Iran, especially in children between the ages 5 and 11 years. Head lice resistance is increasing, chemical pediculicides have lost their efficacy, and, therefore, alternative pediculicides such as herbal shampoos have been proposed to treat head lice …

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Healthy Foods for Woman : Healthy Foods for Woman and Nutrients Every Woman Should Add to Her Diet (part II)

Healthy Foods for Woman : Diseases such as heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s constitute some of the leading causes of death in women and while diet may not prevent these ailments entirely, it can definitely make a difference in minimizing your risk. Healthy Foods for Woman such as: Cinnamon Here’s …

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Causes and Treatments for Treating Stretch marks

Treating Stretch marks: skin cracks are skin lesions due to thinning the skin of the dermis and epidermis, Cramping often occurs in pressure-sensitive areas such as thighs, hips, abdomen, and breasts. Some women have poorer collagen levels than others, and so some others get pregnant during pregnancy. Stretch marks occur …

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Eczema treatment: How can treat eczema? (Part II)

Eczema treatment

Eczema treatment: In the previous article, we reviewed the causes and symptoms of eczema. In this article we will continue to discuss the methods of treatment in modern medicine and traditional medicine. Eczema treatment in modern medicine In modern medicine, eczema is affected by contact with allergic conditions. Usually the …

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Ato-herbal shampoo for damaged and dyed hair

Ato-herbal  shampoo for damaged and dyed hair No paraben, formaldehyde and minoxidil Compounds of constituent Ato-vegetable shampoo for damaged and dyed hair, by examining the healing properties of plants: (Punica granatum), (Ficus carica), (Matricaria chamomilla), (Triticum aestivum), (Triticum aestivum) and (Citrus aurantifolia). Which has health benefits in preventing hair brittleness, …

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