10 benefits of walking
10 benefits of walking

10 benefits of walking

benefits of walking: Have you ever heard the saying by  Hippocrates ? Walking is the best medicine for humans.

A regular walk with adequate sleep and a healthy diet can help you
avoid the doctor altogether!

15-30 minutes of walking every day dramatically improves not only a person’s overall appearance, but health as well.

In this article, we will give you 10 benefits of walking. So follow us.

1. Positive brain changes

Recent studies of aerobic exercise, such as walking, reduce Alzheimer’s risk and improve mental health, according to recent studies.

Also, maintaining the level of endorphins also helps to reduce stress.

2. Improve vision

Although it seems that the eyes have the farthest link with the legs, but one of the benefits of walking is helping the eyes to health.

Exercise inhibits the degeneration of neuronal receptor cells due to aging.

One of the causes of eye disease and blindness at an advanced age is the loss of neuronal cells in the eye.

Given that exercise has a protective effect on the neural cells of the eye, it prevents glaucoma or black-eye water.

3. Avoid heart disease

According to the American Heart Association, walking is as good as running in preventing heart disease or stroke.

High blood pressure is an important factor in heart disease and walking helps to control it.

When walking, blood vessels dilate and accelerate blood flow.

4. Increased lung capacity

Walking is an aerobic exercise that increases the flow of oxygen in the blood and helps increase lung capacity, eliminates toxins and contaminants.

By providing better and deeper respiratory conditions, it can cure some lung problems.

5. Positive effects on pancreas (preventing diabetes)

You may not believe it, but walking for exercise turns out to be a much more effective tool in preventing diabetes than running.

Exercise increases the body’s sensitivity to insulin and regulates blood sugar levels.

6. Improve Digestive System

A 30-minute walk per day will not only reduce the risk of colon cancer in the future,

It improves digestion and constipation by helping the bowels improve.

7. Increased muscle mass

One of the ways to increase muscle mass along with body weight loss is walking.

8. Increase the strength of the bones and joints

This sport movement by providing more mobility of the joints,

Provides conditions to prevent muscle loss and even reduce fracture risk.

The Arthritis Foundation recommends taking at least 30 minutes a day

Because it helps reduce joint pain, stiffness and improves inflammation.

9. Relieve back pain

Walking leads to better circulation in the spinal structures and to the improvement of flexibility.

10. Create calm

Walking boosts endorphins, which puts you in a better mood

Reference: Brightside
Collected by: Dr. Afsaneh Amin Ghafouri

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